Roofing Repair – From the Roots Up

Residential roof repair is one of the most talked about home projects in many regions. After all, it protects the rest of the structure beneath it. As a team of experienced Salt Lake City roofing contractors, we’re inclined to agree with that sentiment. However, there’s more to First Call Construction than roof repair or replacement. Today, we’ll talk about a space at the other end of the residential space—the basement.

The Roots of Home

While as roofing contractors we'll agree that residential roof repair is a crucial aspect of our business, First Call Construction has more to offer. As Utah County Roofing Contractors, we are fully qualified and experienced with all types of repair needs for the structure of your roof, and ready to assist. But did you know we also offer quality repair and refurbishment for interior spaces? There are many homes in the area with basement levels. While some of these are finished as living spaces, others remain as a sort of glorified storage unit.

Occupied Territory

Finishing the basement could add value to a property in ways both expected and surprising. While it can’t be argued that adding living space to the usable square footage of a home is a bonus that has tangible, immediate benefits, what about other ways in which it helps? First, there’s the odd phenomenon of lived-in space. A finished, used area is more straightforward to regulate in terms of temperature, which can change the entire atmosphere of a home. Proper insulation and up-to-code wiring and plumbing are points in its favor as well. But occupied, comfortable basement areas also help mitigate any leaks or wiring issues before they become serious simply because there’s someone there to notice. Pests are less likely to infiltrate the basement if it’s maintained as part of the home rather than a storage area. Living space is more likely to be appropriately climate controlled and receive regular cleaning. The simple act of humans being in the space can often be enough deterrent for the more intelligent sorts of critters that like to make their homes in corners and walls of undisturbed, unfinished basements. At First Call Construction, we pride ourselves on being a part of the communities we serve. We aren’t merely a team of Salt Lake City roofing contractors. We’ve assisted many families with home renovation projects from the shingles to the foundation of their properties. Our business involves more than roof repair. If you’re ready to consider a remodel, such as finishing or refurbishing your home’s basement level, call us today at (801) 830-4642 for a free quote.

The Roof and All It Shelters: Our Basement Finishing Services

There are a number of excellent Salt Lake City roofing contractors who are quite capable of meeting homeowner needs for roofing repairs or replacement. First Call Construction is one such company, but we bring with our roofing expertise a few added skills. After all, the rooms beneath the roof are just as important as the structure that shelters them.

Finishing Touches

If you have an unfinished or partially finished basement level in your home, you may not be maximizing its benefit. Fully finished spaces add equity to any property, but more importantly, they increase the enjoyment and overall living space available to you and your loved ones. Whether you want additional play space for kids during inclement weather or you’d like to design a retreat that can double as a guest suite during the holidays, we at First Call Construction are equal to the task. Unlike most quality roofers in Utah, who elect to specialize, we’ve built our team of experts with an eye to diversity. The basement level is one that is often overlooked, but which has incredible potential for differing uses because it is separate from the main levels of the home. However, if you’re starting from scratch, it’s important to contract with experts.

The Importance of Quality

Unfinished spaces require the attention of highly trained teams, such as those at First Call Construction. There are several reasons for this. First, quality framing lays the foundation for all successive projects. If it’s done improperly or by those who lack experience, it can make achieving a clean, finished look nearly impossible. Another consideration is safety. Basements often house many of the home’s power, water, and heating or cooling equipment, and a great deal of wiring and piping runs from this level up into the primary levels. Sealing the wall before framing and allowing points of access are vital. Omitting these crucial considerations can lead to costly or life-threatening damage. New RoofAnother consideration is the creation of a unique space. Often basement levels are designed as simply as possible. However, transforming your basement into charming en-suite guest accommodation, an entertaining area or a playroom may require some additional division and points of access for wiring or water. Instead of consulting with several firms, simplify the process and allow us to transform your basement into the useful, beautiful rooms you’re dreaming of. We are proud to serve the communities of Salt Lake and Utah counties in our capacity as Salt Lake City roofing contractors. But we also offer expert services for the interior of the home. If you’re in need of more space and would like to finish your basement, call us today for a free consultation at (801) 830-4642. First Call Construction is at your service.

The Lived-In Look: Springtime Renovations, Wildlife, and Your Home

Flowers are in bloom, and warmer weather has returned. Now is the time for homeowners to ensure their roofs are sound for another yearly round. After the last of the snows have melted, spring is a season of repairing or replacing your roof. But at First Call Construction we don’t stop at the top. Once your roofing structures are secure for the year, why not look to the rest of your home? In this article, we’ll explore some services our expert craftspeople can provide for homestead improvements.

Space for Work and Play

While we are established Salt Lake City roofing contractors, and always on call to resolve issues with repairs and replacement, there’s more to us than meets the eye. Our professional teams at First Call Construction also love to assist with home renovation. While many houses in the area do have basement levels, they aren’t always finished and habitable—at least, not for human residents. Part of spring cleaning is ensuring that no animals have decided to move in on your real estate. This season brings plenty of four-footed or winged neighbors looking for new digs, and the last thing anyone wants is to need to call the wildlife removal specialists. But animals don’t share our taste in décor. They’re unlikely to set up housekeeping in places that are apparently already in use, which is why it’s important to finish your basement spaces. First Call Construction can help. In addition to ensuring your roof is in great shape, our roofing contractors also know how to spruce up interiors and render unfinished basements into the living spaces they ought to be. While you can still maintain a storage area, why not set up an in-home office or playroom? During summer months, it will be the coolest and most serene space in your home—because even semi-subterranean levels are cocooned from the noise and heat of the outside world by the earth itself. Our teams will ensure that your new spaces are fully insulated and safely wired, so when winter returns, you can efficiently heat your new den or work-space.
Remember that spring is a great time to check the integrity of your roofing structures and conduct roofing repair here in Utah. However, if you’re also in need of a redesigned basement, attic or other underutilized areas in your home, First Call Construction is here to help. Call us at 801-830-4642 for a consultation and your free quote.

You Don’t Live in the House of Falling Water: Water, Basements, and Winter Repairs

This year, winter weather has driven even the hardiest Utahan to seek shelter at times. While being snug in your home is one of the perks of this time of year, it can also call to light some interesting issues. We at First Call Construction have worked hard to make our mark as trusted Salt Lake and Utah county roofing contractors. But did you know we also have experience working on basements and tackling all sorts of general redesign and construction projects in and around the home? In today's entry, we'll talk about the problems you might notice in your basement during the cold season and how we can help remedy them.

The Persistent Presence

In any home with a basement level, moisture will be a continuing concern. Even if standing water or persistent leaks are not a common problem in the particular basement, the fact that its partially or fully subterranean means moisture. This is because, as an underground story, your basement is at least in the path of surface water seeking the water table, responding to gravity and percolating downward through the soil strata. In houses with persistent leaks or issues with water accumulation, a sump pump is usually installed. Maintaining this will keep your basement dry, except in the most extreme cases of precipitation or flooding. However, what about the occasional or long-term slow leaks? These are often innocuous in and of themselves. Yet, they do have some unpleasant problems associated with them.

Water is Life

Refinished BasementEven organisms that live in extreme environments, in which water is almost entirely absent, need it to survive. That goes for the flora and fauna that make your basement smell musty, too. Whether you've designed a comfortable retreat or are content to leave the basement level unfinished, any incursion of water invites mold, mildew, and dust mites into your home. Incidental leaks or slowly developing flows also damage the fabric of your foundation and your home. Because it's the universal solvent, water can break down drywall and widen cracks almost as effortlessly as it can carry salts and other minerals into the walls of your basement. This leads to ugly, stained drywall or salt efflorescence on your concrete. Just as paint will chip if wetted repeatedly, concrete erodes under the influence of salts, powdering and fragmenting. Small cracks in any surface will widen over time unless they are adequately sealed. Whether you have a finished or unfinished basement level, First Call Construction wants it to be safe, dry, and stable. If you think you may have a leak or have located the source of the problem and require expert repairs, we are pleased to be of service. Just contact us at 801-830-4642 and we will provide a quote free of charge.

The Life of Water: Roof Ventillation and Damage Prevention

Repairing Roof | Roofing in Lehi UtahUtah roofers know that, as a part of your home’s insulation, the roofing structure is critical. It must play to the delicate balance of heat retention and moisture dispersal. Especially in the winter months, ensuring that your roof has adequate ventilation while also helping to keep you and your family snug and dry is an important consideration. In today’s article, we’d like to address some of the potential issues that result from inadequate ventilation and how we at First Call Construction can help mitigate them.

That May Not Be a Leak

While minor roof damage can lead to slow leaks that permit water to infiltrate the structure of the roof, appearances can be deceiving. If you’ve noticed evidence of what seems to be a leak, roofing repair may be in your near future. However, our experts will thoroughly evaluate the situation to be confident it isn’t merely an issue of moisture build up in the attic space. Slow leaks are sneaky. Water can infiltrate the insulation, which will conceal it until it becomes saturated. This development provides time for moisture to inflict damage on the structural elements, such as beams and supports, and often necessitates some intense roofing repair by the time you notice it. But if it isn’t a leak, what can you do?

Living the Humid Life

Roof Replacement | Roofing in Lehi UtahWhile water trapped in insulation also becomes water vapor when exposed to heat in your attic space, there are other sources of humidity. Merely occupying a home can create an issue if the problem is with ventilation. Hot showers, running the dishwasher and breathing or sweating release moisture into your home atmosphere, which rises with heat. It then becomes trapped in your inadequately ventilated attic, surrounded by insulation, which partially absorbs it. But water expands in two ways. With the introduction of heat, either in the summer or during winter when central heating is employed, it expands and places pressure on your roofing structure. If there is no escape provided for this vapor, it can create breeches, which will allow water into your home at a later point. It can also condense again as the air around it cools. This brings us to another means of expansion. As the water cools and freezes, it also expands. When you have excess, trapped moisture in your attic, it responds to the cooling temperatures of winter nights, by freezing. Ice is accretive, which means it builds upon itself, becoming more difficult to melt as it grows. Ice dams develop over time and can create disastrous pressures on roof structures. When things warm up again, they also create internal leaks that can damage your home. If you are in need of roofing repairs, or just want to ensure the integrity of your roof this winter, First Call Construction is at your service. Contact us at 801-830-4642 for a free quote.  We are here to help.