From Studs to Crown Molding

While we are proud to belong to the top tier of Utah roofers, First Call Construction is a company that can also help homeowners to finish interior spaces and create the homes of their dreams. As winter tightens its grip on the region, we’d like to explore these additional areas of expertise and how they can be put to work to finish any basement or interior area of the home. 

Finished or Unfinished Remodels

In addition to conducting roofing repair and inspection, we enjoy taking on projects within the house. One of the most interesting is the basement renovation, in part because this space can be finished or unfinished. In either case, homeowners often struggle to put these subterranean spaces to the best use. But our design teams and builders can help to change that. 

Shingle Roofing

In the case of unfinished basement space, drywall is often not even laid over framed stud work and exposed pipes or wiring. These basements aren’t inviting, and it can take a boatload of imagination to see them as warm entertaining or living spaces. However, our expert craftspeople will transform what might serve as a holding space for unused possessions or appliances into a family room, guest suite, or playroom. 

When it comes to homes with finished basement areas, there are several additional concerns. If the house was sold with a completed or semi-finished basement level, drywall could hide some dangers—from improper wiring or ductwork to water damage. We at First Call Construction are adept at locating and remedying these issues. An underutilized finished basement with damp issues or wiring problems can quickly be brought up to code and the homeowner’s specifications. 

You Dream It

Basement areas have so much potential that often goes unrealized. For example, while there are some building code requirements unique to bedrooms, an en suite apartment with its own entrance is ideal for guests, older children living at home, in-laws, or even renting parties.

Repairing Roof | Roofing in Lehi UtahFirst Call Construction can construct stud framing, ensure wiring, duct-work, piping, and insulation installation are completed to the specification of building codes and apply the beautiful finishing touches. We each pride ourselves on superior standards—whether we’re installing a vapor shield or ensuring that drywall is straight. 

Whether you’re in need of roof inspection, repair, or interior finishing services, First Call Construction proudly provides the skills you seek. Don’t put off necessary maintenance or the re-purposing of interior rooms within your home. Call us today at (801) 830-4642 for a free quote.