Good Bones and Foundations

Keeping your home safe and comfortable isn’t just about residential roof repair. While most Salt Lake City roofing contractors might constrain their offerings to a single specialization, we at First Call Construction can provide many services. While we do bring our best to any roof repair task, large or small, we also employ skilled craftspeople who can complete a number of renovation jobs within the home.

Above and Below

Roofing contractors everywhere understand the importance of maintaining a healthy roof.  But what about making sure that the rooms beneath this essential protection are lived in and well-maintained? Today, we’ll explore how finishing a basement level can provide extra living space and help to ensure a safe and secure home.

As Utah County roofing contractors, we know how important staying abreast of the changes in code compliance can be—for energy savings and reducing your carbon footprint. But beyond roof repair—whether for a small business or a private home—there are other ways you as a homeowner can achieve this.

Finishing a basement space or upgrading any living area to ensure maximum energy efficiency is a breeze with our qualified and experienced contractors. Ensuring that electrical, water, and HVAC ductwork are all installed with the highest degree of safety and efficiency will render your basement safe, comfortable, and eco-friendly.

Good Bones

While our experienced roofing contractors and other craftspeople are happy to help, in whatever state of completion your basement may be, we can also begin the process from scratch. The bare bones of your home can be seen in the lower level, especially prior to drywall being installed. That way, we can determine if there are small residential roof repair jobs that may need our attention.

How? If your home has water intrusion, that liquid will seek the water table—traveling down through insulation and along electrical lines between walls. It will likely exit at this level, and may even be responsible for moisture problems in your basement. We can then assess and offer additional renovation or remediation.

If you’re looking for Salt Lake City roofing contractors who have a knack for home renovation projects of all kinds, call us today at (801) 830-4642 for a free quote. We are proud to consider ourselves a part of the communities of Salt Lake and Utah Counties, and can’t wait to get to work crafting the basement of your dreams.