New Year’s Roofing Resolutions

New Year’s celebrations have come and gone. The fireworks and parties have been enjoyed and tidied away. For many, 2019 brings resolutions, and homeowners in Utah may have a few improvement goals for their dwellings. Roofing repair is one of those tasks. Maintaining a sound, adequately ventilated roofing structure can save money and time in the long run. Today, we’ll explore what winter brings that can impact the lifespan of that structure and why timely inspection can help property owners anticipate more significant problems.

Catching Small Problems

Just as with any aspect of home improvement and maintenance, it’s important to be vigilant and troubleshoot before small problems grow into large ones. Utah homeowners may or may not be experienced with the weather our climate brings throughout the season. Snow and ice pose significant challenges, especially when driven by wind. Our autumn and winter weather cycles can damage roof tiles or shingles, creating small openings for moisture infiltration.

But there are some other sources of trouble that call for roofing repair in Utah. The most vital thing to remember is that these issues generally begin as small, easily fixed problems, but can quickly grow unmanageable. Winter is the perfect time to catch such troubles.

Uninvited Guests and Moisture Build-Up

Houses provide a great winter hideaway for several types of urban and suburban wildlife. While many have no qualms with the existence of these little critters—usually furry or feathered and cute—they really shouldn’t be bivouacking under the rafters. They also almost never have the courtesy to enter through a pre-existing door, which means they make their own entrances in the roofing structure. Although you will want to call a wildlife removal specialist to escort these house guests elsewhere, the experts at First Call Construction can find and repair any damage they may have done.

Rain on Roof

Another issue that is easy to spot during the coldest time of the year is moisture buildup. This can result from inadequate ventilation in the roof for the humidity created during daily tasks—cooking, bathing, and breathing. As hot, moist air rises, it gets trapped under the roof. During winter, extreme temperature changes that necessarily occur cause that moisture to condense and freeze. Over the season, ice dams can develop, which thaw in the spring. True to the nature of water, it finds a way downward, often through the walls of the home. The time to mitigate them is while the water is still trapped as ice.

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