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It is common practice to schedule maintenance for your car, household appliances, and even your lawn. We know that regular maintenance increases the lifespan of our tools, appliances, and even our houses. The same logic applies to your roof and no one has more expertise in this area than your neighborhood contractors, First Call Construction.

First Call Construction is a company near you that believes in the value of repairing and maintaining your roof. If you live in Utah County or Salt Lake County, you know that damage to roofs is unavoidable. With around 20 years of industry service, our roofing contractors near you can help you fix your roof ranging from small leaks to major deterioration. We recommend yearly maintenance on your roof, especially if it has many years of life. This will help with the lifespan of the roof, the safety of your family, and the overall aesthetics of your house.

Let’s walk through what a typical roof repair job will look like with our team of contractors.

Initial inspection

Once you call us and request an inspection, our roofing contractors will head out to your property to perform their inspection of your roof. This consists of checking for any missing shingles, cracked or broken shingles, or cracked flashing. Other hard to spot issues will look like condensation in the attic or excessive asphalt granules in your gutters. The contractors will locate the source of the leaks and identify if any further water damage to the house has occurred.

Our competitive quotes

After our team completes the inspection, they will give you a roof repair quote competitive to the Utah and Salt Lake County areas. Keep in mind your quote is tailored to you and your property, including details such as approximated timeline, roofing materials, expectations of works, warranties, and other details pertaining to the agreement.

Repair process

The repair process will differ based on the specific damage to your roof. For example, if you have broken or missing shingles, our contractors will replace them.

Let’s say you have damaged flashing, or your vent boots aren’t doing so great. Our roofing contractors will have no problems making those replacements and ensuring proper sealant is used to prevent leakage.

There may be more involved projects if your roof has a puncture, or if your roof decking has considerable water damage. This will typically involve reframing and installing a new layer of sheathing followed by underlayment and shingles.

After the repair process is done, you won’t have to worry about any old roofing materials to dispose of. We’ve got you covered. Our team will haul out any old material and dispose of it, taking all work off of your hands.

We have access to the full line of Tamko and GAF products to ensure a perfect match of roofing material for our clients. These guides can be found on our website and are easy to browse to find the correct match.

Our easy and efficient timeline

If your roof does need to be repaired, not to worry, our skilled team of roofing contractors works efficiently. Most basic roof repair jobs can be done in a day. More involved jobs will take approximately three to five days. Our company values our client’s time and can work with your schedule to get your roof repair done as soon as possible.

BBB Accreditation

We are proud to report our BBB Rating of A+ after years of business. Our A+ rating reflects how our company interacts with our clients, our lack of complaints, and how we excel at mediation. This is not a status we take lightly and as always, your satisfaction is guaranteed with First Call Construction.

Give us a call!

Now that you know when to get a roof inspection and what to expect, don’t wait to call us at (801) 830-4642. We’ll get you a free estimate and schedule your initial inspection right away. We look forward to fixing up your roof so you can have a safe and happy home.