Playing Hide and Seek with Living Space

Roof repair permits homeowners to make the most of the roofing fabric itself. As all roofing contractors will attest, performing essential maintenance and conducting routine, small repairs will help keep the roofing structure in excellent shape and extend the overall life of the materials. While there are many Salt Lake City roofing contractors that can replace a roof or conduct residential roof repair, First Call Construction offers additional skills for home improvement. Today, we’ll focus on how underutilized interior spaces can provide a cold-weather haven.

Don’t Play Hide and Go Seek With Square Footage

What the typical Utah County roofing contractors may not know about could be costing you living space. In this part of the country, many newer homes include a partial or full basement level, but they aren’t always fully finished. We at First Call Construction are qualified roofing contractors. However, we also offer specialized services. If you have an unfinished basement space or want to upgrade your existing basement area, we are at your service.

Cut Energy Inefficiency

There can be no doubt that maintaining the roof of any structure is integral to preventing structural issues. But a consideration of equal importance that transcends residential roof repair is ensuring that the interior spaces of the home are sealed and inhabited. Unfinished basement spaces can constitute unchecked energy loss. Unfinished or unused basement spaces also represent another area of worry for property owners.

Just as roof repair keeps water and other types of infiltration from degrading the structure of a house, finishing the basement space can help to identify and curtail the same problems from the opposite end of the spectrum. Water damage in the basement may go unnoticed and work to undermine the foundation’s integrity. Wildlife may find and enlarge natural openings in the lower reaches of the structure, which can lead to a host of issues down the road. These are problems that not all Salt Lake City roofing contractors can tackle, and require the skills of First Call Construction.

Whether you’re a homeowner who needs a routine roof maintenance or you want to explore your basement finishing options, we at First Call Construction are proud to be of service. Call us today at (801) 830-4642 to schedule your consultation. Our dedicated team of Utah County roofing contractors and interior remodeling specialists bring with them years of experience and membership in the communities in or around Salt Lake City.