Pre-emptive and Preventative Inspections

As Salt Lake City roofing contractors, we at First Call Construction know that this time of year is the most crucial for residential roof repair and essential seasonal maintenance checks. Today, we’ll discuss how roofing contractors can help extend the life of a roofing structure by conducting simple maintenance and small roof repair tasks as they arise.

Clean Gutters for a Happy Roof

One of the big residential roof repair boxes that all Utah county roofing contractors like to check off for the season are gutters. While keeping the gutters tidy isn’t strictly roof repair, it’s closely related. Gutters are appended to the roofing structure, which can present issues if they become loaded down with debris or clogged. The added weight of dirt and leaves alone can cause the brackets to pull against the fabric of the roof. Add the weight of water and these may even tear free of the structure entirely. In addition, clogged downspouts can cause a back flow of rainwater. This can soak soffits and saturate wooden beam work, which opens the door for continued degradation.

Suburban Wildlife

While it’s important to accommodate wildlife in suburban and urban environments as human settlements encroach on their habitats, having them in your home is not healthy for the roof or you. One of the things that roofing contractors routinely look for when conducting a seasonal inspection is material integrity. Are there small openings that might serve as impromptu front doors for a family of squirrels? Are carpenter bees shopping for new real estate in your attic? Are there any signs that small apertures have been intentionally expanded by curious critters?

By ensuring that the roofing structure has none of these signs of trouble, Salt Lake City roofing contractors save homeowners money, time, and essential but costly repairs that can include wildlife removal services. This preemptive inspection takes on an even greater importance beyond the city limits. Utah County roofing contractors, such as our teams at First Call Construction, understand the cascading impacts of wildlife intrusions beneath the shelter of your roof.

If you’re ready to run down the autumn to-do list and schedule a seasonal roof inspection, call us at (385) 377-4082. Our professional and knowledgeable roofing specialists will provide you with a thorough, honest inspection. You can then take the next steps in preparing your home for an energy efficient and worry-free holiday season.