Redesigning the Basement

Many dependable Salt Lake City roofing contractors can assess the integrity of your roofing structure and perform residential roof repair. However, First Call Construction is a company that goes beyond roof repair. We also refresh and redesign interior spaces. Today, we’ll talk about an underutilized area found in many houses that can make your home something unique—the basement. Whether you’re in need of an upgrade to design and practical concerns or want to finish a bare space, First Call Construction has the experience for the task.

Out of Mind

Residential roof repair focuses on keeping all that shelters beneath the beams and shingles safe and dry. While it’s an integral part of home maintenance, we’d like to talk about basements today. When you think about basement redesign and finishing, roofing contractors are not the first professionals you think of calling. However, we’ve crafted our team of professionals, so we have a broad set of skills to offer our clients. Utah County roofing contractors may have a host of experience repairing and replacing roofing structures, but how much do they know about rewiring or drywalling a basement?

With autumn in the air, having a fresh, spacious retreat from chilly winds and capricious raindrops sounds like a great idea to many homeowners. But even those who have a finished basement don’t immediately think of it as a truly comfortable living space. For others whose basements are still little more than a space to store personal possessions, with concrete floors and bare stud frames, such an idea is even more distant.

Safety and Comfort

Whether they have any interior refurbishment experience or not, Salt Lake City roofing contractors will all agree that regular safety and quality checks are a no-brainer. As with roof repair, ensuring that the wiring and plumbing of your basement are up to code and flawlessly functional is crucial. But there’s more to the issue of basements.

Roofing contractors rarely have to cope with the consideration of updating plumbing or electrical. At First Call Construction, our experts will all attest that an un-lived in space invites informal lodgers. Undisturbed storage areas almost always have an extra guest or three. Keeping your basement habitable and inhabited is part of maintaining the integrity of your home’s structure. Living in the space below the main floor can also help to identify wiring, plumbing, and seepage or leakage issues before they become a significant repair expense.

If you’re ready to enhance, finish, or redesign your basement space, call us today for a free quote at (801) 830-4642. First Call Construction is proud to offer basement finishing and redesign services in addition to being a team of qualified, experienced Utah county roofing contractors.