Roofing Contractors Free Advice

Most Salt Lake City roofing contractors and Utah County roofing contractors will offer you some valuable free advice—have your roof inspected more than once a year. Yes, we know that sounds somewhat self-interested. However, we can assure you, our interest is in prolonging the lifespan of your whole roof structure. Ignoring small problems like loosened shingles or clogged gutters can lead to major residential roof repair. Read that as “major investment.” In today’s blog, we’ll talk about some of these small, easy to fix issues as your friendly neighborhood roofing contractors.

Staying Current

Your roof is, generally speaking, rated to last one or two decades. Of course, significant damage can shorten that lifespan, but in most cases, the ordinary roof tends to go the distance. In the course of those decades, it’s probable that small breaks, gaps, or other slight issues will arise. That’s because wear and tear can sometimes exceed the expectations of both the material manufacturers and the original roofing contractors.

One way that homeowners can preempt these little roofing bumps and bruises before they become a cause for concern is by having a seasonal roof check. We at First Call Construction have years of experience conducting inspections, providing helpful advice, and implementing residential roof repair on both the large and small scales. We are happy to inspect your roof, inside and out, and provide fair estimates for any and all suggested actions.

What Seasons Bring

Gutters should be cleaned twice a year. We know that this is often the last task on any homeowner’s mind, but when they become clogged, problems arise. For example, water damage to the soffit and the roofing structure can occur if proper drainage can’t happen due to leaves and debris in the downspout. Another issue with the accumulation of leaf litter and dirt is weight. A clogged gutter is a heavy one, and the brackets holding it to the roof can tear away, damaging the roofing structure.

Another point to watch out for is airborne debris. Most Utah County roofing contractors will expect minor roof repair for breaches in the shingle or tile barrier after prolonged periods of high winds, precipitation that is especially heavy or packs a punch, such a hail, and during the hot, dry part of the summer. These minor damages can also occur during the freeze-thaw cycles, cold snaps, and false springs.

If you’re in need of a roof inspection, but aren’t certain which of the Salt Lake City roofing contractors will meet your roof repair needs, consider First Call Construction. We’ve proudly helped the communities of Salt Lake and Utah County to maintain safe, beautiful homes from rooftop to foundation. Call us today at (801) 830-4642 for a consultation and free quote. Whatever your residential roofing repair need, we are proud to be of service.