Roofing – Locking Heat Transfer

June, July, and August offer some intense heat to this region of Utah, which means many homeowners will turn to the refreshing comfort of air conditioning. To save on energy costs, proper insulation, and a roof in good shape are vital considerations. Preemptive minor roof repair can also save money for property owners and help maintain the fabric of the roof for its entire lifetime. First Call Construction is proud to offer our services as Salt Lake City roofing contractors. We also work with communities as Utah County roofing contractors, providing our expertise to those living beyond the city environs. Today, we’ll discuss some of the residential roof repair options and steps homeowners can take to maximize their energy efficiency this summer.

The Way Heat Travels

The first point we’ll cover isn’t technically a roof repair, but it is something essential to consider.

  • How’s your insulation R-value?
  • Does your home meet or exceed the codes for your area?
  • Do you have adequate and efficient insulation in the spaces beneath the roofing structure?

Roofing contractors will often advise you to exceed the stated minimum in order to ensure your home is adequately insulated. This is because heat travels in two ways, and accumulation under the roof can be damaging, especially during summer months.

The first type of heat transmission is one with which most people are familiar. Convection, or heat transfer via air and void space, is one reason to insulate between walls and between the crawl spaces and living areas of the home. In this way, hot or excited air particles travel from a warm space into colder, calmer areas, thus transferring heat energy. Convention is the second type of heat transfer. While you may notice windows and poorly insulated walls grow noticeably warmer to the touch, where much of this type of transfer occurs is through the roofing structure itself.

How We Can Help

As roofing contractors, we can assess how much heat transfer is occurring and offer expert opinions on the best types of insulation to mitigate it. Blanket insulation, the kind most familiar to many, isn’t always the best choice. Sometimes, alternative sources can provide the most focused relief. Residential roof repair may be in order if your roofing structure shows signs of seasonal damage or rodent activity.

As roofing experts serving both the Salt Lake City area and the broader domain of Utah County, First Call Construction is proud to offer affordable roofing repairs and maintenance tactics for many in our community. If you’re ready to have your roof checked and ensure you’ve appropriately insulated your home, don’t hesitate to call us at (801) 830-4642 for a free quote.