Roofing Repair – From the Roots Up

Residential roof repair is one of the most talked about home projects in many regions. After all, it protects the rest of the structure beneath it. As a team of experienced Salt Lake City roofing contractors, we’re inclined to agree with that sentiment. However, there’s more to First Call Construction than roof repair or replacement. Today, we’ll talk about a space at the other end of the residential space—the basement.

The Roots of Home

While as roofing contractors we’ll agree that residential roof repair is a crucial aspect of our business, First Call Construction has more to offer. As Utah County Roofing Contractors, we are fully qualified and experienced with all types of repair needs for the structure of your roof, and ready to assist. But did you know we also offer quality repair and refurbishment for interior spaces? There are many homes in the area with basement levels. While some of these are finished as living spaces, others remain as a sort of glorified storage unit.

Occupied Territory

Finishing the basement could add value to a property in ways both expected and surprising. While it can’t be argued that adding living space to the usable square footage of a home is a bonus that has tangible, immediate benefits, what about other ways in which it helps? First, there’s the odd phenomenon of lived-in space. A finished, used area is more straightforward to regulate in terms of temperature, which can change the entire atmosphere of a home.

Proper insulation and up-to-code wiring and plumbing are points in its favor as well. But occupied, comfortable basement areas also help mitigate any leaks or wiring issues before they become serious simply because there’s someone there to notice. Pests are less likely to infiltrate the basement if it’s maintained as part of the home rather than a storage area. Living space is more likely to be appropriately climate controlled and receive regular cleaning. The simple act of humans being in the space can often be enough deterrent for the more intelligent sorts of critters that like to make their homes in corners and walls of undisturbed, unfinished basements.

At First Call Construction, we pride ourselves on being a part of the communities we serve. We aren’t merely a team of Salt Lake City roofing contractors. We’ve assisted many families with home renovation projects from the shingles to the foundation of their properties. Our business involves more than roof repair. If you’re ready to consider a remodel, such as finishing or refurbishing your home’s basement level, call us today at (801) 830-4642 for a free quote.