Seasonal Tasks and Preventative Maintenance: Clean Gutters and a Sound Roof

Autumn has arrived in Utah, and that means homeowners are turning their attention to home maintenance. Most Salt Lake City roofing contractors know that there are routine tasks that should be accomplished in preparation for winter to prevent some severe problems. While we’ve talked about ice dams, moisture build-up, wildlife incursions, and other issues that can plague homeowners during the colder months, it’s important to note that the solution to these issues is often simple preventative maintenance.

Tidy Your House Beautiful

Dirty GuttersAlthough the cooler seasons mean more indoor time for residents, interior projects are primarily completed during summer and spring. The routine maintenance and roof repairs that keep your beautiful home snug and safe are the work of October and November. Our first advice is to keep the gutters and drains in good order. During the year, leaves and dirt can accumulate, which will lead to water backup.

Once the temperature plummets, that water becomes ice, which can wreak havoc on gutters, and put stress on the roofing structure to which they’re attached. The experienced roofing contractors at First Call Construction know that this is the first point to examine when seeking to ensure a home is prepared for winter.

Related to the periphery of your roof are the soffits, eaves, shingling or tiling, and even the beams that support the entire structure. By ensuring that each of these aspects is sound and sturdy, every homeowner can rest easy during the winter months. And since the same winds that bring clutter to your gutters often expose roofing materials to assault by larger debris, a general roof inspection is strongly advised.

Inside and Out

Dirty GuttersThe best time to fix issues is when those problems have not yet fully developed, saving time, headaches, and funds. Roofing inspections and a thorough assessment of your attic space can mitigate many of these. And like many Salt Lake City roofing contractors, we at First Call Construction know that the interior of a roofing structure is just as important as what meets the elements outside.

We suggest checking for potential moisture buildup from routine activities such as cooking, bathing, and even breathing. Ensuring that your attic space has proper ventilation and insulation will save energy during the winter while also venting excessive moisture and keeping the humidity at an appropriate level.

We proudly serve the communities of Salt Lake and Utah counties, providing preventative maintenance, roofing repair or replacement, and many other essential services. If you’re ready to tackle that seasonal to-do list, give us a call for your free quote at (801) 830-4642. First Call Construction is at your service.