Spring Roofing Check Ups

Spring has sprung, but for homeowners in Utah, it isn’t just a season of returning warmth. This is also a time when minor damage to roofing structures can have expanding consequences if it isn’t promptly repaired. Roofing contractors in any state will advise seasonal checkups for these small trouble spots, which when caught early, represent simple roof repair instead of significant renovation. In today’s article, we at First Call Construction will explore these easy fixes as well as potential projects for unchecked water damage.

Double and Triple Check

While many homeowners in the region ensure that Salt Lake City roofing contractors inspect their homes before the first snows of winter and conduct autumn gutter cleaning, spring brings its challenges. Harsh conditions of weather and climate frequently require residential roof repair once the temperature rises.

Typically, roofing contractors will run a routine check on the exterior integrity of the roof surface material. Whether homeowners have a structure with tile or shingling, essentially this inspection makes certain no portions are damaged, uplifted, cracked or breached in any fashion. This material is the first line of defense against moisture and damage to the fabric of the building. Maintaining it throughout its lifespan is vital.



Mitigating Infiltration

Roof repairs need not be specifically related to the surface material. It can also include maintaining the soffits, ensuring that gutters are securely attached and have not pulled away from the structure, and maintaining adequate or superior insulation beneath the roofing itself.

However, Utah county roofing contractors are always on the lookout for signs of water infiltration during this time.  This can create dangerous circumstances for homeowners. The first should require no explanation. Electrical circuits run between walls, which often serve as expedient paths for water seeking sea level. Second, if the current homeowners are not the first to live under the roof, previous water damage can breed mold spores. While not all are dangerous to humans, inhaling the types of mold that thrive between walls and in insulation certainly isn’t beneficial.  If our Salt Lake City roofing contractors detect signs that water may have flowed down along the structural supports at any time in the past, we’ll advise our clients. Our expert teams are trained in the renovation of interior spaces, so we can also assist in this matter.

We are proud to provide the communities of Salt Lake and Utah Counties with residential roof repair. We also assist commercial properties in these communities with roof repair, and our Utah County roofing contractors are ready to meet community needs at home or work. If you’re ready to start your spring routine, call us at (801) 830-4642 for your free quote today.