Spring Roofing Checklists

Spring is just around the corner in Utah, and while there’s no shortage of roofing contractors, finding the right one for your needs can be something of a challenge. Whether you need residential roof repair or merely want a team of reliable Salt Lake City roofing contractors to assess the fitness of your structure, we at First Call Construction are here to help.

Seasonal Checklists

Shake RoofWhen it comes to roof repair, Utah County roofing contractors advise seasonal checkups to prevent small problems from growing. Many homeowners might not be aware of the types of issues we check for, especially as the year moves steadily toward spring. Over the winter, a number of problems can develop without the knowledge of residents, and once the weather warms, they can lead to more intense damage.

Ice dams can and do develop even in newer houses, and once the warmth of the sun returns, that ice melts. Because water will always follow where gravity leads, the resulting melt-water can penetrate walls. As Salt Lake City roofing contractors and experts in home renovation, we know that this can be dangerous. Not only will it support the growth of potentially hazardous mold spores in between wall surfaces, but it can also damage electrical wiring and lead to a fire risk.

Wildlife incursions and wind or precipitation damage are two other factors that we look for when conducting an inspection. While these issues can be relatively minor, leaving them off a roof repair checklist can result in escalating damage over time. It’s vital that homeowners work with Utah County roofing contractors before that point, so residential roof repair doesn’t become roof replacement.

What We Do

Checking RoofWhile we do offer our expert services for home renovation projects from basement finishing to room upgrades, a significant portion of our collective experience comes from our work as roofing contractors. First Call Construction has worked hard to build a reputation for integrity and excellence in the Salt Lake and Utah County communities.

Although roofing materials will eventually wear out and require replacement, repairing the damage that occurs within the ordinary lifespan of the structure can maximize that term. Our expert teams at First Call Construction will conduct a seasonal checkup to ensure that there are no severe breeches or issues related to your roof’s integrity.

If you’re ready to schedule a routine visit with one of our specialists, or you suspect there may be damage lurking under the eaves, don’t delay. Call us today at (801) 830-4642 for a complimentary quote.