Talking Turkey: Why You Should Schedule a Pre-Holiday Roof Check-Up

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, everyone in Utah knows that winter isn’t only on its way. In many places, it’s arrived. Salt Lake City roofing contractors also know that this is one of the busiest times of the year, which can cause many homeowners to delay essential repairs. At First Call Construction, we’d like to add our voices to those of our colleagues and advise against this. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss why roofing repair should be at the top of everyone’s holiday to-do list.

Disasters Rarely Start Big

Roof DamageWe certainly don’t want to alarm anyone, but it’s an ugly truth that many roofing and structural damage disasters begin as small problems. Our aim in mentioning this is to encourage every homeowner to double check their roofing integrity and insulation quality before winter. That way, minor issues can be inexpensively fixed, preventing bigger and costlier projects down the road.

These can include gutter problems, slight damage to shingles or tiling, animal intrusion, ventilation difficulties, insulation problems, and other easy fixes. Let’s walk through how First Call Construction would help the homeowner assess and fix these general problems.

Gutters should be cleaned at least once a year after autumn and before truly cold weather sets in. Dirt, leaves, twigs, and other detritus build up in the gutters, which makes them heavy or prevents water from flowing down and away from the roof. The added weight puts stress on the brackets that attach the gutters to the roof structure causing incremental damage to the fabric of your home; once freezing temperatures come to town, this is compounded.

Animals of all sorts seek a safe, warm place to pass winter months. Don’t let that place be in your home. While we don’t specialize in wildlife removals, we can assess and remedy the damage done to your roof and attic spaces by innocent critters trying to stay warm. While we’re checking for squirrel burrows in your insulation, we’re also happy to assess its R-value and add additional batting. If you’d like to try a more efficient style of insulation for your attic spaces, we have several about which we can inform you.

Homes experience—ventilation of heat and moisture

Roof Damaged by Wind

This brings us to our last issue that many homes experience—ventilation of heat and moisture. Yes, it’s ideal to retain heat during the winter and save on energy consumption. However, a home without proper ventilation poses a considerable problem. Moisture is a fact of human life, whether it comes from showers, cooking or pure respiration of human occupants. Because heat rises, the attic space in your home has an important role to play. You want to retain heat but vent moisture, which rises with that hot air.

Finished Home Services employs experienced roofing specialists who can ensure that your attic is playing its part, venting moisture while retaining the toasty goodness of your winter home. Even if everything seems to be running smoothly and there are no apparent issues, we and all Utah roofers advise a seasonal checkup to assess any future problems. Call First Call Construction at (801) 830-4642 today to schedule a consultation and your free quote. May you have a safe, warm, and happy holiday.