Unannounced Winter Guests

When it comes to conducting repairs, there are two types to consider. Urban or commercial projects differ slightly from residential roof repair operations in terms of building guidelines and codes. There are also different considerations to take into account when problem-solving because the use of the space differs. Salt Lake City roofing contractors understand this, and we at First Call Construction employ skilled specialists that can tackle a range of issues, from extensive replacements to small maintenance tasks. In today’s article, we’ll talk about some matters that begin small but can grow in scope if not promptly addressed.

Uninvited Winter Guests

Roof RepairNow that the holiday season is well behind us, we take delight in reclaiming our space. All the winter guests have gone back to their homes, after all, right? Unfortunately, because winter weather can be harsh, this may not be the case. But the uninvited guests won’t be staying in your guest room. Instead, Utah County roofing contractors know to look for informal entrances these unintended house-guests make in the fabric of your home.

Over time, what begins as a small hole in the eaves or soffit, a pried up corner of tar paper or shingles, can expand. It permits moisture to intrude beneath the otherwise weather-sound barriers that a roof in good health represents. As well, once rodents or birds have found a snug place under the rafters, they make themselves cozy in insulation, which can be both harmful to them and detrimental to the energy efficiency of your roof. In some cases, this issue may extend beyond the skills of roofing experts and roof repair. A call to wildlife removal experts may be in order if your secret guests have had enough time to settle in for the long haul.

Moisture Damage

We’ve spoken about ice dams before and how Salt Lake City roofing contractors can help homeowners mitigate this common winter issue. However, even if an ice dam never forms in your attic space, poor ventilation and moisture condensation can still have profound impacts on the integrity of a building’s structure. This is because as hot, moist air in a home rises, it becomes trapped under the roofing materials.

As the sun sets, and air temperatures drop, the vapor becomes condensation. This water will seek sea level, running down between walls and causing problems with mold or even serious electrical damage. Then, a minor problem of ventilation grows beyond the scope of most roofing contractors. Not to worry, however. First Call Construction can also address these issues of renovation in other areas of the home. We don’t just specialize in residential roof repair, but also tackle complex projects in other rooms of the home.

If you’re in need of a roof repair or just an inspection to ensure all is as it should be, call us today at (801) 830-4642 and secure a free quote. It is our privilege to be premier Utah County roofing contractors, conducting construction and repair for the communities surrounding Salt Lake City. Let us ensure your roof is in top condition this winter season.