Upgrading Underrated Space

Most homeowners know that small roof repair projects will extend the life of the roofing structure itself. Having a reputable team of roofing contractors with which to work will save money over time, and keep both the roof and the home beneath it in top shape. But unlike most Utah County roofing contractors, First Call Construction can also assist with indoor remodeling and finishing projects. That’s what we’d like to discuss today.

Out of Sight

Our teams of roofing contractors are experienced providers of residential roof repair. However, once the roof is taken care of, we also offer finishing services for any room in the home. As the year moves forward, many homeowners want to move ahead with remodeling projects, but may not know where to start.

The basement space in many homes is a great place to begin any home renovation. In many houses, this area is treated as a glorified utility closet or storage shed because it is unfinished. It feels cold and unwelcoming. Our expert Salt Lake City roofing contractors want to help change that perception. Basement living space can provide hundreds of square feet of extra entertainment area for kids, a bar or workout space for grown-ups, and even a guest suite for unexpected family and friends from out of town.

From Studs to Stellar

An unfinished basement is one that often has no drywall laid over timber wall frames. The masonry and unsealed concrete of the floor breathe cold into the air, even on the hottest summer day. It’s simply not a space anyone wants to spend any time. However, this is the best possible starting point from which our craftspeople can work wonders. They don’t have to undo anything.

Our priority is safety, with quality tying for first place. All of our Salt Lake City roofing contractors will conduct a safety assessment, to ensure that electrical wiring and plumbing are well placed and up to code. Once this is established, they will quickly transform the basement into a beautiful, habitable part of the home sphere. Our design teams will work with you to ensure that color scheme and materials meet your criteria.

If you’re in need of residential roof repair or a routine inspection, but also want to spruce up the interior of your home, give us a call at (801) 830-4642 for your free quote. All of us at First Call Construction are proud to provide the communities of Salt Lake and Utah Counties with premier roof repair services and renovation. We are at your service.