Winter Roofing Issues

Even in the middle of winter, roofing contractors understand that minor roof repairs are sometimes necessary in order to avoid more costly or dangerous issues to the roofing structure. We at First Call Construction know that keeping that structure sound and whole is the key to saving the residents of the communities we’re proud to serve time, worry, and money. That’s why we’ll discuss some of the typical residential roof repair problems that often crop up during this time of year.

The Weight of Water

Most Utah County roofing contractors are familiar with the problems that go with gutters. Namely, when autumn has passed, runoff from rain, debris, and even accumulated dust come together in a perfect storm. While leaf litter and airborne soil particulates aren’t heavy when they’re dry, adding water to the mix makes for a heavy load. When the temperature plummets, water freezes and expands, adding stress to gutters that are already taxed. All of this is attached to the roofing structure by brackets. While gutters can often handle quite a load, every material has a tipping point. Heavy gutters tear away from the roof soffit and cause damage, which necessitates roof repair because, over time, this small issue will grow.

Ice Is Not So Nice

Another aspect of residential roof repair that Salt Lake City roofing contractors often encounter is the formation of ice dams. This is caused by warm, moist air rising inside a home that has been closed against the winter cold. Of course, it ends up trapped under the roofing structure in the attic. Inadequate ventilation is the ultimate culprit. Roofing contractors in any part of the country know that when winter arrives, this warm, moist air will cool and condense into a liquid.

The issue that arises in regions where the temperature routinely falls below freezing is that this liquid never evaporates to be vented. During the day, some warming may occur, but once the sun sets, water will freeze. Over time, this accumulation forms what are called ice dams—solid structures of ice that put stress on roofing materials. The reason why it’s essential to clear out these dams and remedy the ventilation issue through minor roof repair is that, once spring warmth returns, what accumulated as vapor condensation will melt all at once. Salt Lake City roofing contractors know that this means rotted wood in the roofing structure and dangerous runoff between walls.

Our experienced team at First Call Construction includes Utah County roofing contractors who are experienced in all aspects of repair, small or large. If you require roofing remedies during this time of year, don’t hesitate to call us at (801) 830-4642 for an immediate estimate. We are proud to be a part of the communities of Salt Lake and Utah Counties, and we are here to help.