Roof Repair In Utah

Houses are among the most significant investments people make in their life. However, over time, it gets exposed to water, winds, snow, ice, and other external elements, which reduce its curb appeal, quality, and value. However, with regular maintenance, repair, and renovations, you can bring your house back to life and increase its lifespan. Roofs are usually the most affected, and for the best residential roof repair and maintenance, you should work with the best roofing contractors. While choosing roofers in Utah, some of the things that will help you find the best ones include:


This is one of the first things you should consider before hiring Utah County roofing contractors. Consider if their costs will fit your budget and how they determine the prices. Ensure that they customize the costs depending on your project's nature, size, and complexity. Ask if they have any discounts or packages that you can use to reduce the overall costs. You should also consider if they give you a cost estimate before they start working. If they do, ask how soon you will have the estimate. You should also request the roofing contractors to give you a detailed breakdown of all the expenses. That way, you will know if the estimate includes the materials or if you have to buy those separately.

Safety And Warranty

You need to know how safe you, your family, and your property will be as the contractors work on your house. For that, ask if they have undergone any safety training and where they got it. It would help if you also asked them about their measures to ensure their safety and yours. Look at the quality of their safety equipment and ask how often they replace or repair them. Ask what they do in case of an unforeseen weather problem and how they handle that. Finally, ask about the kind of warranty they offer for their services and materials and their level of insurance.

Timeline of Your Project

To properly plan and make a functional schedule, you need to know how long your project will take. First, you need to ask how many projects they have started and completed within the given timeline. Ask how soon they will schedule your job after reaching out to them, when they will get to your property, and how long it will take them to complete the project. You should also consider if you can change the timelines to fit your schedule. To book a roof repair appointment, get a free quote, inquire, or learn more about roofing, contact First Call Construction on (801) 830-4642, the number one roofers in Utah.

Get The Best Roofing Contractors In Utah

Home construction, home renovation, roof replacement, and roof repair are activities that determine the quality and lifetime of your home, which is why you need to find the best contractors. To select the best roofing contractors, some of the things you should do include:

Check their credentials

All roofing contractors should have received the right training from reputable institutions. They should have papers to prove that they received the training and passed all the required tests. They should have also undergone safety training and have the best quality safety gear.  You should also check the license and insurance of the roofers in Utah you are working with. A license shows that the business has met all the requirements to legally run the business and offer the services they are offering. Check the proper authority to what type of license the roofers in Utah should have.  Insurance is also important because it covers the injuries of any employees working on your property. It also helps cover any damages and injuries that happen on your property as they work.

Ask about building materials

While the contractors' skills determine how long the roof and home renovations will last, the building materials they use also play a big role. There are many different building materials in the market, but not all are good and durable.  You need to ensure that the roof and other materials they use are high-quality and from reputable brands. It would help if you researched the best materials before calling the contractors to your home.  You should also ask experts and compare the products the contractors have with your research results.

Ask for references

All businesses claim to have the best services, but only clients can verify how good the services are. Therefore, consider asking for references from the contractors.  Ask for the numbers of some of their past customers and ask them their experience with the contractors was and the level of services they received. You should also ask for videos and photos of some of the contractors' past projects.  If the contractors have a website or social media platforms, look at the ratings and read customers’ reviews. You should also ask about the prices of their services and what their payment options are. If you are looking for residential roof repair services in Utah, First Call Constructions are your best bet. We are the number one roofing company in Utah and are committed to helping you maintain your house in the best quality.  For more information or to book an appointment, contact us on (801) 830-4642 for your free quote on any of our services.

Ice Dams and How to Avoid Them

In winter, there are a few major issues that can crop up when it comes to the roofs of residential dwellings. Homeowners should consult with roofing contractors to prevent or mitigate these issues. But being informed is a private citizen’s first and best tool to combat these hazards to property. Today, we’ll talk about ice dams and identify what they are as well as strategies to prevent them.

What Is an Ice Dam?

Roofers in Utah, as well as any climate that receives periodically heavy snows, will agree that an ice dam can do serious damage to both the roof and the fabric of the home, itself. But what is it, precisely? When snow begins to fall, it does so across the entire roof. An ice dam forms at the edge of the roof and prevents melting snow or other precipitation from reaching the gutters or otherwise being channeled away from the roof. Over time, this process can result in costly roof repair or replacement of drywall and insulation within the home, because water will always flow down by any path available to it.

What Causes Them and How to Avoid Them

Ice damns are created when the temperature of the roof is non-uniform. In other words, when some areas are warmer than others, the distribution of frozen precipitation is uneven. A large concern of roofing contractors is preventing costly damage to property by helping to maintain the fabric of the roof and related structures. Insulation maintenance in the attic spaces and sub structure of the roof is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to prevent ice dams from forming during the winter months. But some homeowners might not be aware of how this works. Essentially, when most of the living activities take place in a closed, heated space, moisture and warm air are carried upward by convection currents. They reach a space under the roof and can go no farther, which is why attic vents in the roof are essential. However, if the insulation is not to code standards, this warmth is translated into the roof itself as warm air seeks an energetic exit. This creates a temperature disparity and begins the process of ice dam formation. However, it’s also one of the easiest problems to fix. As Utah County roofing contractors, we at First Call Construction want your winter to be a time of magic and memory creation, not costly repairs. A simple assessment is all that is needed to ensure you won’t encounter unexpected problems, which we are happy to provide. Contact us today at (801) 830-4642 for your free quote.

Don’t Avoid Wear and Tear, Let Us Fix It

In the west, winter can bring a sharp drop in temperatures, coupled with precipitation. Having a safe and warm dwelling can make all the difference in the experience of this season. But small issues, such as damage to the fabric of the roof or intrusions by wildlife, can grow rapidly into much larger problems. This is why roofing contractors advocate for yearly checkups.

Overall Roof Health

As the season changes to autumn, having a roofing health check is an important part of yearly maintenance. Utah county roofing contractors are well-equipped to conduct these sorts of tasks, from assessment to small or large roofing repairs. They can also assess the state of insulation and moisture buildup from daily living tasks in the spaces beneath your roof in order to prevent issues such as ice damns and other problems associated with winter weather.

The Little Fix Saves Money

Roofers in Utah will attest that by fixing small issues when they are minimal will save money in the long run. Cleaning and maintaining gutters on a yearly basis is also a task that will preserve the quality of the roof for the lifespan of the materials. This yearly upkeep prevents undue stress on the soffit and other aspects of the roof and can keep moisture flowing away from the roof itself. During these routine inspections, residential roof repair can also be assessed. Projects such as fixing loose shingles, small holes, and other issues can extend the overall lifespan of the roof by mitigating moisture intrusion and wear-and-tear. As well, by fixing small problems, the homeowner increases the chance that they will have to invest in major repairs.

Keeping Nature Where It Belongs

One thing that little creatures do well is to maximize the benefits of warm, dry places to live when the weather turns cold. It’s not necessarily that they desire to be close to humans, but the temptation to find small access points and widen them sufficiently is greater than a fear of human beings. By conducting the necessary roof repair each year, homeowners will reduce the likelihood that an enterprising squirrel or pigeon has moved into the space beneath the rafters. As experienced Utah County roofers, First Call Construction is prepared to assess and offer plans to prevent or repair the damage associated with yearly wear and tear. For more information, and to schedule a free quote, please call us at (801) 830 – 4642.

Summer Roof Maintenance Tips

Now that the spring season has officially come to an end and we are entering the peak of our summer season, let’s go over some basic maintenance that all homeowners in Utah County can add to their routines. Maintenance on your roof is important year round, but there are specific measures homeowners can take in the summer months to increase roof safety. Here we will go over some steps you can take independently to look after your roof.

Manage Overgrown Trees

The trees surrounding your property often get overlooked when considering roof maintenance. Summer is the perfect season to evaluate potential tree limb damage. Any new growth that has happened during the previous seasons and years should be considered a potential threat to your property. Dead or damaged tree limbs should be removed immediately to avoid any future damage.

Clean Your Gutters

It is possible a lot of debris has accumulated in your gutters. Gutters are an essential part in roof health as they allow water to efficiently drain off the property. Loose, damaged, rusted, or blocked gutters should be fixed right away.

Remove Pest Nests

All year long, damage can occur to your roof edges leaving gaps that pests could get into. Small animals such as rodents, opossums, and even raccoons love to take advantage of these gaps to get into your attic and nest. With hot summer months in Utah, these pests will be looking for shelter. Homeowners should inspect their roofs for such gaps and call your Utah County roofers if said gaps are present. Pests could lead to further damage or even the introduction of disease to your family home.

Clear Debris

A simple maintenance step for homeowners is to simply clear off any debris on your roof. All year long, debris accumulates on the roof. Now that the weather is warm and clear, it would be a good time to clear your roof and check for damage as you do. If debris is left on your roof, it can lead to issues such as shingle rot and water damage. To clear the debris, use either a leaf blower or broom. Be careful to control the debris and not damage your roof shingles in this process.

Check for Mold

Now that your roof is clear, it is time to inspect it for mold. Check for mold on the outer shingles after the debris has been cleared off. Mold can also be checked for inside and is usually an indicator of water damage. If there are signs of mold, it is important to address the issue quickly so that more damage doesn’t occur. This outline for summer roof maintenance is perfect for any homeowner to ensure their roof is in good condition. Some of the jobs listed in this article may require help from professionals. If you spot signs of damage or have any additional questions about your roof, contact First Call Construction at (801) 830-4642 to chat with Utah County’s expert roofing contractors!

Professional Roof Installation

Reasons Why You Should Have A New Roof Professionally Installed

If you see that your roof is looking rather old, worn, and you have experienced some roofing problems that have resulted in repairs then it might be time for you to consider a new roof. You could tackle this job yourself but even if you are handy, it is a major undertaking. It may cost you to hire professionals to do the work but there are many upsides to doing this. One of the most important reasons to call in a professional roofing company like First Call Construction is safety. If you want to tackle the job yourself then you will need to hire a lot of safety equipment. A single ladder and a hammer are nowhere near enough. Here are the reasons that you should consider having a professional roofing contractor install a new roof on your home:

It will increase energy efficiency

If you know that your roof is more than 20 years old or is in bad shape and you have had to carry out a lot of repairs recently, then there is a very good chance that there will be gaps where heat or cool air will escape. Your heating system or air conditioning will have to work a lot harder to compensate for this and this will increase your energy consumption. When you have a new roof installed it will provide a very good seal and there will be no expensive gaps for heat or cool air to escape from. This will make your energy consumption a lot lower and reduce your bills. In the long run, this can save you a great deal of money. If you currently have a dark colored roof you may want to switch to a light colored one. Why? Because a dark colored roof will absorb heat and when you are using your air conditioning you will spend more on energy. A lighter colored roof will not absorb so much heat and reduce your consumption.

Family safety

One thing that you have probably not thought about is that an old and worn roof can be a safety hazard for your family. Old roofs are much more likely to leak and when it rains you will end up with water inside your home. A more serious issue is that old roofs often develop mold which can then circulate your home and be a serious health hazard.

Increase the value of your home

A new roof will exponentially increase the value of your home. If you ever want to sell your home, having that new roof is a great selling point. It also gives you control over the aesthetics of the house by color coordinating all of the exterior trim with your new roof color.

You get a new warranty

With an older roof, the original warranty will have expired long ago. This means that when things go wrong you will have to pay for all of the repairs. When you have a new roof installed by a roofing contractor like First Call Construction, you will have a long warranty. First Call Construction are your professional roofing specialists in Utah County and the surrounding areas. We have over many years in the business and our contractors are trustworthy and reliable.  Give us a call at  801-830-4642, to discuss details and receive a quote.

How to avoid spring roofing upkeep mistakes

It is no secret Utah County weather features cold, snowy winters, and hot and dry summers. These drastic seasonal changes can wreak havoc on the structure of your roof. Now that the spring season is upon us, it is time to consider what home maintenance is needed for your property. A team of professional contractors will help you with early intervention, attention to detail, and expert services. This is crucial for the longevity of your roof. First Call Construction of Utah is here to help you avoid some common spring roofing upkeep mistakes.

Ignoring active leaks

The long intense winters in Utah directly lead to heavy damage to roof shingles. This damage is apparent when spring showers arrive. As the rain falls, points of weakness in your roof show up as water seeps into the structure of your house. Leaving these active leaks can cause long term water damage to your property. This means structural faults and safety hazards, which can spiral into bigger construction projects than the initial leak in the roof. It is more efficient to provide regular maintenance on your roof and fix issues such as leaks before it becomes a massive issue. Call our experienced Utah County contractors at First Call Construction to keep your home safe and dry all year long.

Power washer problems

There are few things more satisfying than using a power washer during spring cleaning and while it is a beneficial tool, avoiding the rooftop may save you future problems. Power washing is quick and efficient but can easily damage the shingle membrane. A damaged shingle membrane can then quickly turn into a leaking roof.  It is advised you stay to the sides of your house while you power wash and steer clear of your roof. This will prevent any unwanted damage to the shingles. If you find yourself in a sticky situation with your power washer, be sure to let your local Utah County contractors know what is going on.

Leaving gutters clogged

With spring here and winter in our near past, it may be time to address your gutters. A common homeowner mistake is leaving the gutters attached to your roof clogged. Utah County contractors see this repeat issue every year. Debris from the winter months can easily find its way into the gutters creating a situation that needs dealing with. Gutters left clogged can create ice dams which can drive snowmelt under roof shingles. The snowmelt then causes damage to the gutter and the roof.  This is an easy problem to avoid and it is recommended to have your gutters cleared of debris. Don’t wait to call contractors to help clear those gutters this spring.

Give us a call at First Call Construction

Our team of professional contractors at First Call Construction is here to help ensure your spring cleaning goes according to plan. We understand the importance of having highly committed, detail-oriented, and hardworking individuals caring for your home. Contact us at First Call Construction, 801-830-4642, as soon as possible to receive a complimentary quote.

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3 Things to Consider When Selecting Salt Lake City Roofing Contractors

When it comes to protecting your home and belongings from the outdoor elements, very few things are as important as keeping your roof in good repair. When your roof springs a leak or begins to sag with age, you'll naturally want to contact the first licensed roofing company that shows up in your preferred search engine. However, it pays to make an informed decision when it comes to hiring residential roof repair contractors. Here are three things to consider.

The Low Bid

Depending on the situation, roof repair projects can be costly. As a result, you may be tempted to choose a roofing contractor based on the company's low bid. However, a bid that comes in significantly lower than several others from reputable roofing contractors is a red flag. Untrustworthy roofing contractors can cut corners to deliver roof repairs at rock-bottom prices. Offering a low-ball bid and charging more after project start is another trick that they use. Avoid these scenarios by carefully reading your quote and asking pointed questions. If they say that they use a branded product, have them put it in writing.


Utah County roofing contractors are busy, but they shouldn't be too busy to respond to inquiries about their services. If you contact a roofing company that doesn't promptly return your calls, you'll want to cross that company off of your short list. If its representatives don't want to answer your questions before a project starts, you can imagine how they will treat you after you sign a contract with the company.

Storm Chasers

Salt Lake City roofing contractors inevitably encounter customers who have been ripped off by storm chasers. These people canvas neighborhoods after a hail or wind storm in hopes of getting money from homeowners who are in a bind. These residential roof repair "specialists" often use inferior building materials that aren't backed by adequate product warranties. Some of them are simply con men who have no intentions of completing a roof repair or replacement project.


Roofing projects in Salt Lake City can be complex, which is why you should look for Utah County roofing contractors that are honest, service oriented, and quality focused. With First Call Construction, you get all of those qualities and more. We've been rescuing roofs in Utah County for nearly 20 years. If you have roofing issues, give us a call at 801-830-4642 for a free quote on repairs or replacement.

Advantages of Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Hiring a roofing business is a critical decision, as well as installing a new roof on your home or constructing necessary repairs/ improvements on your home. Installing a roof is not for amateurs. It takes a lot of skill, know-how, and experience to construct a high quality, long-lasting roof. Therefore, it is essential that the roofer you hire is well-qualified and has experience in the type of roof you require. It is also important that you hire a local company to provide the best service possible within your locality. The first thing you need to do when hiring a roofer is to ask around friends and relatives who have recently had work done. Ask them how they felt about the contractor, the overall job they did, their recommendations, etc. If a friend or relative hired a contractor and they were satisfied with the work they did, then you can feel confident that you will be similarly satisfied with the contractor that you hire. However, keep in mind that everyone likes to have the best deal possible, so make sure you ask about pricing before deciding to hire a particular roofer. The good news is that there are several things you can do to ensure that the roofer you hire is the best one for you. Once you have decided to hire a roofing company, it is important to carefully look at different options. For instance, you can request quotes from various roofers in your area and go to select the one that offers the best price. Of course, you must ask important questions, such as how much the total project will cost and any hidden costs or fees you should be aware of. It is recommended that you get at least two quotes from different roofing companies in your area. By getting at least two quotes, you will be able to compare them against each other. You should also be mindful that you may not get the full price quote because some roofing companies charge a fee just for a written estimate, whereas First Call Construction offers a free estimate on roof repair or roof replacement. Contacting Salt lake city roofing contractors can make a huge difference in the life of your roof. You can also get a good deal on roofing work to ask prospective roofers for references and proof of insurance. When you call them, be sure to ask if they have any previous roofing work to present. If they don't have any work listed, walk away and try a few other companies. It never hurts to ask about good roofing companies. A good thing about hiring roofing contractors is that they can get rid of your old roof. They will come in and remove the shingles, siding, nails, and all the parts of the roof. They will then bring in all the materials they need to re-sulk the space, including tar paper and asphalt shingles. After that, they will install everything. The average time it takes them to complete the job is between one and two days. Utah county roofing contractors are happy to help. Residential roof repair can be a huge benefit. Hiring a roofing professional will really help make your home new again.  Contact First Call Construction at (801) 830-4642 to ask for a complimentary quote.

Utah County Roofing Contractors and Repair Services

There are many things that go into keeping a residential property running smoothly in and around Salt Lake City, Utah. It's vital to maintain a roofing system that can keep your structure safe from all kinds of environmental factors. People who are familiar with "Ski City USA" and its surroundings know just how much snowfall it typically gets each year. That's just one reason to maintain a sturdy and dependable roof in the area. When you're searching for Salt Lake City roofing contractors who can cater to all of your wishes, we're ready for you here at First Call Construction. Our roofing contractors are seasoned and trained professionals who can assist you with repair, maintenance, installation, replacement and beyond.

Should You Call Our Team for Professional Roof Repair Service?

Pinpointing the need for residential roof repair service doesn't have to be time-consuming, perplexing or hard. If you have to hire our Utah County roofing contractors for repair, you may notice some clues. You may have shingles that are lost. You may have shingles that are curled and fatigued in appearance. If your attic seems to be persistently leaking water, then repair work may be in the cards for your roofing system. Look inside at the walls in your home as well. If you spot any conspicuous and unpleasant staining, that may mean that something is wrong with the current condition of your roofing system. What are some other hints that can point to the need for professional residential roof repair service? Be on the lookout for drooping rafters, chipping paintwork, moss emergence, algae growth and flashing that has rusting. Peer inside of your gutters when you get the chance to do so, too. If you observe the gathering of granules, then something is likely amiss with the condition of your roof. Take a quick trip up to your attic. If you see unusual levels of sunlight, there may be some kind of roofing issue on your hands. If you have an aging roofing system that's been around for a minimum of a quarter of a century, then full replacement may actually be even better than repair service.

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