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Talented Roofing Contractors in Salt Lake City, Utah

A strong roofing system can be terrific for any home or business, period. If you have a questionable roofing system in place, then it may negatively impact your daily existence in numerous ways. It may influence your indoor temperatures. It may even influence your monthly bill expenses. Thankfully, you can always recruit the assistance of our skilled and seasoned Utah County roofing contractors. Our Salt Lake City roofing contractors can help you with everything from replacement and repair work to maintenance.

Indications That You're All Set for Our Comprehensive Roof Repair Service

If you need residential roof repair, the indications may be clear as day to you. The sooner you pick up on any hints of a problem with your home roof, the better. That's because allowing issues to get out of hand may make dealing with them a lot more complex, time-consuming and costly. Our Salt Lake City roofing contractors can help you nip issues in the bud confidently and rapidly. If you need to hire our roofing contractors, you may have missing shingles and persistent water leakage. You may start seeing shingles mysteriously piling up inside of your gutters. You may even notice issues with the paint that's on the outside of your structure. Take a close look at this paint. Is it chipping or fading? If it is, then that may point to inadequate attic ventilation. It may point to higher moisture levels as well. What else can denote the need for help from our hard-working Utah County roofing contractors? If you have stains on your walls or ceilings indoors, then a roofing problem could be the reason. Take note of a deck that's drooping conspicuously, too. If you have a deck that's the opposite of level and even, then moisture could be the "villain." Think about your monthly energy costs. Do you seemingly out of nowhere have bills that are outrageously steep? If you do, then that could mean that you have air that's nice and warm or cool that's seeping out via your roof. You should take care of that problem before it accelerates.

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Do you suspect that you need professional roof repair? If you need residential roof repair, replacement, maintenance or anything else similar, we have your back here at First Call Construction. Call us at 801-830-4642 to secure a complimentary quote.

The Finest Utah County Roofing Contractors Available

Dealing with roofing system concerns can be quite frustrating. Thankfully, the assistance of qualified, trained and experienced roofing contractors can often turn things around pretty quickly. When you're searching high and low for Salt Lake City roofing contractors who can make you feel at ease, our assistance is always just a brief phone call away. We're a full-service local company that offers residential roof repair and replacement specialties. We have a rock-solid roofing service track record in and around Salt Lake City, too.

How Can You Find a Reliable Company for Professional Roof Repair Service

You should never settle for roofing contractors who aren't up to par. You should try to find Utah County roofing contractors who have excellent local reputations. You should check reviews and ratings that are on hand via the Internet. Zero in on Salt Lake City roofing contractors who are licensed, seasoned, prompt, respectful and enthusiastic. If you come across reviews that describe contractors who are consistently tardy or who don't show up with modern roofing equipment and supplies, then you should look elsewhere right away. Remember, your roofing system is made to safeguard your household from the elements and from other factors. You should never leave it in the hands of people who just aren't capable of giving you the finest service possible. If you're having a tough time finding contractors who can offer you residential roof repair, it can also be a terrific idea to request recommendations from trustworthy folks in your surroundings.

Are You Overdue for Roof Repair Service?

How can you tell that something is amiss with your roofing system? There are a number of warning signals. If you have a persistent roof leak, then something just isn't right. If you look at your roof and notice that it seems to be drooping, then something is definitely wrong, too. Other clues to be on the lookout for are dark streaking, mildew development, mold growth, warped shingles and missing shingles. You can pay your attic a visit as well. If your attic is getting an unusual amount of sunlight, then an issue with your roofing system could be to blame.

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Are you waiting for skilled Utah County contractors who can tackle your roof requests? Call us at First Call Construction 801-830-4642 at any time to secure a complimentary quote.

Utah County Roofing Contractors You Can Trust

It's crucial to do your job to keep your roofing system at home intact and dependable. Roofs have major responsibilities on their plates. They're designed to keep interior spaces and their occupants safe and secure regardless of the time of the year. When you're searching high and low for Salt Lake City roofing contractors who can provide you with first-class service that can keep your system in fine working order, it's up to you to contact the team here at First Call Construction. Our roofing contractors zero in on everything from repair to replacement service. They even offer assistance with routine maintenance.

Are You in Need of Residential Roof Repair Service?

We can provide you with roof repair service that can eliminate all kinds of concerns for you. How can you pinpoint a home roof that's in need of professional repair work? If there is anything wrong with your roofing system, it may have lost or split shingles. What are other clues that point to a roofing system that's due for professional attention? Be on the lookout for unsightly algae development, water leaks, excessive moisture, drooping and even gutter clogs. Our contractors have significant experience tackling roofing system concerns of all varieties and levels of severity. If you want to take care of a roof deck that's drooping noticeably, we have your back.

Should You Hire Our Roofing Contractors for Full Replacement Service?

Residential roof repair service isn't always enough. If your roofing system concerns are particularly severe, then it may actually be in your greatest interests to opt for complete replacement service. Full replacement service is in many cases preferable for roofing systems that have been in use for at least 20 years. Roofing systems aren't permanent and because of that call for routine replacement. Our Utah County roofing contractors know how to replace all kinds of systems without issue.

Numerous Strong Reasons to Hire Our Salt Lake City Roofing Contractors for Roof Repair and Beyond

First Call Construction is a big name in the professional roofing service world for various reasons. Our contractors have extensive roofing system experience and training, first of all. They're also prompt, respective and hard-working professionals. Don't forget about our budget-friendly and consistent rates, either. Call us at First Call Construction 801-830-4642 as soon as possible to ask for a complimentary quote.

Work With All the Finest Salt Lake City Roofing Contractors Around

A dependable roofing system in Salt Lake City, Utah doesn't have to be a luxury. It can actually feel more like a right. Don't forget just how imperative rock-solid home roofing systems are. If you team up with the impressive Utah County roofing contractors here at First Call Construction, then you can revel in a structure that's safe and comfortable as can be all year long. Our company can provide you with roofing service requests that can be suitable for residential renovation, remodeling and construction projects of all kinds. If you're searching for help with residential roof repair or replacement service, you can count on us.

Should You Hire Our Roofing Contractors for Repair or Replacement Service?

Our contractors can help you take care of all kinds of services that involve home roofing systems. If you're searching for professionals who specialize in roof repair or replacement services, then you know exactly who to call. If your roofing system is a strong candidate for repair work, then it may have shingles that are missing. It may have a deck that has taken on a noticeably droopy look. There are so many things that can point to problems that involve roofing systems. If you have a roof that needs repair service, then it may have mold growth that's quite unsightly. It may have mildew growth that's just as unappealing. Our roofing contractors know how to identify systems that are on the verge of "expiring." If you want to hire Salt Lake City roofing contractors who know how to replace roofs, you can work with us. Our Utah County roofing contractors can help you figure out whether you should think about replacement or repair. If you have a roofing system that's been in use for more than two decades, then replacement may be optimal. Residential roof repair may not be enough for systems that are particularly old and tired.

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Do you want help from talents who know how to take on all kinds of roof repair and replacement projects? If you do, then look no further than our business. We handle home roofing requests of all kinds in Salt Lake City and in nearby areas. Contact First Call Construction at 801-830-4642 to get your hands on a complimentary quote.

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Recruiting Fine Salt Lake City Roofing Contractors

The cooperation of capable roofing contractors can give you a feeling of peace of mind. That's because it's critical to have a rock-solid home roofing system in place. Don't forget that the roofing system to your home is designed to protect you and your family members from the hazards of environmental components, wildlife and beyond. If you're waiting patiently for roofing contractors who can keep things in check for you in Salt Lake City, Utah, then you should contact the team at First Call Construction. We can wow you with world-class residential roof repair service. If you want to work with Utah County roofing contractors who are thoroughly trained and experienced, we want to speak with you A.S.A.P.

Clues That You Need Professional Roof Repair

Brown RoofOur Salt Lake city roofing contractors can help you recognize and take care of all kinds of problems. If your roofing system is old or has issues that are especially severe, we can provide you with replacement, too. We know how to help customers who are frustrated by damp shingles. We know how to help those who are stressed out by shingles that are soiled, too. If you notice anything unusual about the state of your shingles, we can assess matters for you meticulously. Shingles issues are often early hints of significant roofing system woes. It can help you considerably to put attention into analyzing the interior parts of your living space. Looks at your walls and ceilings inside. If you observe the unwelcome presence of any stains, then a roofing problem could be to blame. If you pick up on the presence of discoloration, the same thing applies. Don't brush off any irregularities that may involve the deck to your roof. If you gaze at your deck only to notice drooping, then you should tackle the situation without thinking twice. Some other clues to be on the lookout for are chipping exterior paintwork, attic water leakage and gutter shingle granule gathering. If you experience attic leaks in times of intense rainfall, then you may have a roofing system dilemma.

Contact Our Utah County Roofing Contractors

Large Brown RoofDo you need roof repair or replacement service from detail-oriented professionals? Call First Call Construction at 801-830-4642 to secure an appointment for residential roof repair or replacement A.S.A.P.

Utah Roofing Made Simple With First Call Construction

Roofing contractors are skillful workers. We know the dangers associated with putting in a new roof and are ready to face them. Residential roof repair can be stressful and should not be attempted without professional help. There are some good things to consider when having your roof repaired or put in.


While getting a new roof is expensive, it does not have to break your budget. If you shop carefully, you will discover that some contractors are bad and some are good about being honest with financing. We are Salt Lake City roofing contractors who want to deliver a good deal on time and under budget. Roof repair is made simple when you hire from First Call Construction. Our staff is friendly and ready to be clear about how much it will cost to get your roof put in. We want to have customers flocking to us because we delivered great value to you.

Type of Roof

The type of roof that you pick is a good thing to consider. Some people like metal roofs. Here in the Southwest, a lot of houses have tile roofs. It is also common for Utah County roofing contractors to use shingle roofs. We are ready to cater our residential roof repair to fit your needs. Roofing contractors compete vigorously for your time and attention. We want to be at the top of your list.

Roof ConstructionQuality of Contractors

Salt Lake City roofing contractors are notorious for being good at helping their customers. First Call Construction understands the importance of getting your attention with excellent marketing. Utah County roofing contractors are everywhere trying to be the one to succeed. We want to win the game. Roof repair should be simple. Call us today for a free estimate. You will not be disappointed. Call at 801-830-4642.

Good Bones and Foundations

Keeping your home safe and comfortable isn’t just about residential roof repair. While most Salt Lake City roofing contractors might constrain their offerings to a single specialization, we at First Call Construction can provide many services. While we do bring our best to any roof repair task, large or small, we also employ skilled craftspeople who can complete a number of renovation jobs within the home.

Above and Below

Roofing contractors everywhere understand the importance of maintaining a healthy roof.  But what about making sure that the rooms beneath this essential protection are lived in and well-maintained? Today, we’ll explore how finishing a basement level can provide extra living space and help to ensure a safe and secure home. As Utah County roofing contractors, we know how important staying abreast of the changes in code compliance can be—for energy savings and reducing your carbon footprint. But beyond roof repair—whether for a small business or a private home—there are other ways you as a homeowner can achieve this. Finishing a basement space or upgrading any living area to ensure maximum energy efficiency is a breeze with our qualified and experienced contractors. Ensuring that electrical, water, and HVAC ductwork are all installed with the highest degree of safety and efficiency will render your basement safe, comfortable, and eco-friendly.

Good Bones

While our experienced roofing contractors and other craftspeople are happy to help, in whatever state of completion your basement may be, we can also begin the process from scratch. The bare bones of your home can be seen in the lower level, especially prior to drywall being installed. That way, we can determine if there are small residential roof repair jobs that may need our attention. How? If your home has water intrusion, that liquid will seek the water table—traveling down through insulation and along electrical lines between walls. It will likely exit at this level, and may even be responsible for moisture problems in your basement. We can then assess and offer additional renovation or remediation. If you’re looking for Salt Lake City roofing contractors who have a knack for home renovation projects of all kinds, call us today at (801) 830-4642 for a free quote. We are proud to consider ourselves a part of the communities of Salt Lake and Utah Counties, and can’t wait to get to work crafting the basement of your dreams.

Unannounced Winter Guests

When it comes to conducting repairs, there are two types to consider. Urban or commercial projects differ slightly from residential roof repair operations in terms of building guidelines and codes. There are also different considerations to take into account when problem-solving because the use of the space differs. Salt Lake City roofing contractors understand this, and we at First Call Construction employ skilled specialists that can tackle a range of issues, from extensive replacements to small maintenance tasks. In today’s article, we’ll talk about some matters that begin small but can grow in scope if not promptly addressed.

Uninvited Winter Guests

Roof RepairNow that the holiday season is well behind us, we take delight in reclaiming our space. All the winter guests have gone back to their homes, after all, right? Unfortunately, because winter weather can be harsh, this may not be the case. But the uninvited guests won’t be staying in your guest room. Instead, Utah County roofing contractors know to look for informal entrances these unintended house-guests make in the fabric of your home. Over time, what begins as a small hole in the eaves or soffit, a pried up corner of tar paper or shingles, can expand. It permits moisture to intrude beneath the otherwise weather-sound barriers that a roof in good health represents. As well, once rodents or birds have found a snug place under the rafters, they make themselves cozy in insulation, which can be both harmful to them and detrimental to the energy efficiency of your roof. In some cases, this issue may extend beyond the skills of roofing experts and roof repair. A call to wildlife removal experts may be in order if your secret guests have had enough time to settle in for the long haul.

Moisture Damage

We’ve spoken about ice dams before and how Salt Lake City roofing contractors can help homeowners mitigate this common winter issue. However, even if an ice dam never forms in your attic space, poor ventilation and moisture condensation can still have profound impacts on the integrity of a building’s structure. This is because as hot, moist air in a home rises, it becomes trapped under the roofing materials. As the sun sets, and air temperatures drop, the vapor becomes condensation. This water will seek sea level, running down between walls and causing problems with mold or even serious electrical damage. Then, a minor problem of ventilation grows beyond the scope of most roofing contractors. Not to worry, however. First Call Construction can also address these issues of renovation in other areas of the home. We don’t just specialize in residential roof repair, but also tackle complex projects in other rooms of the home. If you’re in need of a roof repair or just an inspection to ensure all is as it should be, call us today at (801) 830-4642 and secure a free quote. It is our privilege to be premier Utah County roofing contractors, conducting construction and repair for the communities surrounding Salt Lake City. Let us ensure your roof is in top condition this winter season.

Winter Roofing Issues

Even in the middle of winter, roofing contractors understand that minor roof repairs are sometimes necessary in order to avoid more costly or dangerous issues to the roofing structure. We at First Call Construction know that keeping that structure sound and whole is the key to saving the residents of the communities we’re proud to serve time, worry, and money. That’s why we’ll discuss some of the typical residential roof repair problems that often crop up during this time of year.

The Weight of Water

Most Utah County roofing contractors are familiar with the problems that go with gutters. Namely, when autumn has passed, runoff from rain, debris, and even accumulated dust come together in a perfect storm. While leaf litter and airborne soil particulates aren’t heavy when they’re dry, adding water to the mix makes for a heavy load. When the temperature plummets, water freezes and expands, adding stress to gutters that are already taxed. All of this is attached to the roofing structure by brackets. While gutters can often handle quite a load, every material has a tipping point. Heavy gutters tear away from the roof soffit and cause damage, which necessitates roof repair because, over time, this small issue will grow.

Ice Is Not So Nice

Another aspect of residential roof repair that Salt Lake City roofing contractors often encounter is the formation of ice dams. This is caused by warm, moist air rising inside a home that has been closed against the winter cold. Of course, it ends up trapped under the roofing structure in the attic. Inadequate ventilation is the ultimate culprit. Roofing contractors in any part of the country know that when winter arrives, this warm, moist air will cool and condense into a liquid. The issue that arises in regions where the temperature routinely falls below freezing is that this liquid never evaporates to be vented. During the day, some warming may occur, but once the sun sets, water will freeze. Over time, this accumulation forms what are called ice dams—solid structures of ice that put stress on roofing materials. The reason why it’s essential to clear out these dams and remedy the ventilation issue through minor roof repair is that, once spring warmth returns, what accumulated as vapor condensation will melt all at once. Salt Lake City roofing contractors know that this means rotted wood in the roofing structure and dangerous runoff between walls. Our experienced team at First Call Construction includes Utah County roofing contractors who are experienced in all aspects of repair, small or large. If you require roofing remedies during this time of year, don’t hesitate to call us at (801) 830-4642 for an immediate estimate. We are proud to be a part of the communities of Salt Lake and Utah Counties, and we are here to help.

Playing Hide and Seek with Living Space

Roof repair permits homeowners to make the most of the roofing fabric itself. As all roofing contractors will attest, performing essential maintenance and conducting routine, small repairs will help keep the roofing structure in excellent shape and extend the overall life of the materials. While there are many Salt Lake City roofing contractors that can replace a roof or conduct residential roof repair, First Call Construction offers additional skills for home improvement. Today, we’ll focus on how underutilized interior spaces can provide a cold-weather haven.

Don’t Play Hide and Go Seek With Square Footage

What the typical Utah County roofing contractors may not know about could be costing you living space. In this part of the country, many newer homes include a partial or full basement level, but they aren’t always fully finished. We at First Call Construction are qualified roofing contractors. However, we also offer specialized services. If you have an unfinished basement space or want to upgrade your existing basement area, we are at your service.

Cut Energy Inefficiency

There can be no doubt that maintaining the roof of any structure is integral to preventing structural issues. But a consideration of equal importance that transcends residential roof repair is ensuring that the interior spaces of the home are sealed and inhabited. Unfinished basement spaces can constitute unchecked energy loss. Unfinished or unused basement spaces also represent another area of worry for property owners. Just as roof repair keeps water and other types of infiltration from degrading the structure of a house, finishing the basement space can help to identify and curtail the same problems from the opposite end of the spectrum. Water damage in the basement may go unnoticed and work to undermine the foundation’s integrity. Wildlife may find and enlarge natural openings in the lower reaches of the structure, which can lead to a host of issues down the road. These are problems that not all Salt Lake City roofing contractors can tackle, and require the skills of First Call Construction. Whether you’re a homeowner who needs a routine roof maintenance or you want to explore your basement finishing options, we at First Call Construction are proud to be of service. Call us today at (801) 830-4642 to schedule your consultation. Our dedicated team of Utah County roofing contractors and interior remodeling specialists bring with them years of experience and membership in the communities in or around Salt Lake City.