Don’t Avoid Wear and Tear, Let Us Fix It

In the west, winter can bring a sharp drop in temperatures, coupled with precipitation. Having a safe and warm dwelling can make all the difference in the experience of this season. But small issues, such as damage to the fabric of the roof or intrusions by wildlife, can grow rapidly into much larger problems. This is why roofing contractors advocate for yearly checkups.

Overall Roof Health

As the season changes to autumn, having a roofing health check is an important part of yearly maintenance. Utah county roofing contractors are well-equipped to conduct these sorts of tasks, from assessment to small or large roofing repairs. They can also assess the state of insulation and moisture buildup from daily living tasks in the spaces beneath your roof in order to prevent issues such as ice damns and other problems associated with winter weather.

The Little Fix Saves Money

Roofers in Utah will attest that by fixing small issues when they are minimal will save money in the long run. Cleaning and maintaining gutters on a yearly basis is also a task that will preserve the quality of the roof for the lifespan of the materials. This yearly upkeep prevents undue stress on the soffit and other aspects of the roof and can keep moisture flowing away from the roof itself.

During these routine inspections, residential roof repair can also be assessed. Projects such as fixing loose shingles, small holes, and other issues can extend the overall lifespan of the roof by mitigating moisture intrusion and wear-and-tear. As well, by fixing small problems, the homeowner increases the chance that they will have to invest in major repairs.

Keeping Nature Where It Belongs

One thing that little creatures do well is to maximize the benefits of warm, dry places to live when the weather turns cold. It’s not necessarily that they desire to be close to humans, but the temptation to find small access points and widen them sufficiently is greater than a fear of human beings. By conducting the necessary roof repair each year, homeowners will reduce the likelihood that an enterprising squirrel or pigeon has moved into the space beneath the rafters.

As experienced Utah County roofers, First Call Construction is prepared to assess and offer plans to prevent or repair the damage associated with yearly wear and tear. For more information, and to schedule a free quote, please call us at (801) 830 – 4642.