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Redesigning the Basement

Many dependable Salt Lake City roofing contractors can assess the integrity of your roofing structure and perform residential roof repair. However, First Call Construction is a company that goes beyond roof repair. We also refresh and redesign interior spaces. Today, we’ll talk about an underutilized area found in many houses that can make your home something unique—the basement. Whether you’re in need of an upgrade to design and practical concerns or want to finish a bare space, First Call Construction has the experience for the task.

Out of Mind

Residential roof repair focuses on keeping all that shelters beneath the beams and shingles safe and dry. While it’s an integral part of home maintenance, we’d like to talk about basements today. When you think about basement redesign and finishing, roofing contractors are not the first professionals you think of calling. However, we’ve crafted our team of professionals, so we have a broad set of skills to offer our clients. Utah County roofing contractors may have a host of experience repairing and replacing roofing structures, but how much do they know about rewiring or drywalling a basement? With autumn in the air, having a fresh, spacious retreat from chilly winds and capricious raindrops sounds like a great idea to many homeowners. But even those who have a finished basement don’t immediately think of it as a truly comfortable living space. For others whose basements are still little more than a space to store personal possessions, with concrete floors and bare stud frames, such an idea is even more distant.

Safety and Comfort

Whether they have any interior refurbishment experience or not, Salt Lake City roofing contractors will all agree that regular safety and quality checks are a no-brainer. As with roof repair, ensuring that the wiring and plumbing of your basement are up to code and flawlessly functional is crucial. But there’s more to the issue of basements. Roofing contractors rarely have to cope with the consideration of updating plumbing or electrical. At First Call Construction, our experts will all attest that an un-lived in space invites informal lodgers. Undisturbed storage areas almost always have an extra guest or three. Keeping your basement habitable and inhabited is part of maintaining the integrity of your home’s structure. Living in the space below the main floor can also help to identify wiring, plumbing, and seepage or leakage issues before they become a significant repair expense. If you're ready to enhance, finish, or redesign your basement space, call us today for a free quote at (801) 830-4642. First Call Construction is proud to offer basement finishing and redesign services in addition to being a team of qualified, experienced Utah county roofing contractors.

Pre-emptive and Preventative Inspections

As Salt Lake City roofing contractors, we at First Call Construction know that this time of year is the most crucial for residential roof repair and essential seasonal maintenance checks. Today, we'll discuss how roofing contractors can help extend the life of a roofing structure by conducting simple maintenance and small roof repair tasks as they arise.

Clean Gutters for a Happy Roof

One of the big residential roof repair boxes that all Utah county roofing contractors like to check off for the season are gutters. While keeping the gutters tidy isn't strictly roof repair, it's closely related. Gutters are appended to the roofing structure, which can present issues if they become loaded down with debris or clogged. The added weight of dirt and leaves alone can cause the brackets to pull against the fabric of the roof. Add the weight of water and these may even tear free of the structure entirely. In addition, clogged downspouts can cause a back flow of rainwater. This can soak soffits and saturate wooden beam work, which opens the door for continued degradation.

Suburban Wildlife

While it's important to accommodate wildlife in suburban and urban environments as human settlements encroach on their habitats, having them in your home is not healthy for the roof or you. One of the things that roofing contractors routinely look for when conducting a seasonal inspection is material integrity. Are there small openings that might serve as impromptu front doors for a family of squirrels? Are carpenter bees shopping for new real estate in your attic? Are there any signs that small apertures have been intentionally expanded by curious critters? By ensuring that the roofing structure has none of these signs of trouble, Salt Lake City roofing contractors save homeowners money, time, and essential but costly repairs that can include wildlife removal services. This preemptive inspection takes on an even greater importance beyond the city limits. Utah County roofing contractors, such as our teams at First Call Construction, understand the cascading impacts of wildlife intrusions beneath the shelter of your roof. If you're ready to run down the autumn to-do list and schedule a seasonal roof inspection, call us at (385) 377-4082. Our professional and knowledgeable roofing specialists will provide you with a thorough, honest inspection. You can then take the next steps in preparing your home for an energy efficient and worry-free holiday season.

Roofing Contractors Free Advice

Most Salt Lake City roofing contractors and Utah County roofing contractors will offer you some valuable free advice—have your roof inspected more than once a year. Yes, we know that sounds somewhat self-interested. However, we can assure you, our interest is in prolonging the lifespan of your whole roof structure. Ignoring small problems like loosened shingles or clogged gutters can lead to major residential roof repair. Read that as “major investment.” In today’s blog, we’ll talk about some of these small, easy to fix issues as your friendly neighborhood roofing contractors.

Staying Current

Your roof is, generally speaking, rated to last one or two decades. Of course, significant damage can shorten that lifespan, but in most cases, the ordinary roof tends to go the distance. In the course of those decades, it’s probable that small breaks, gaps, or other slight issues will arise. That’s because wear and tear can sometimes exceed the expectations of both the material manufacturers and the original roofing contractors. One way that homeowners can preempt these little roofing bumps and bruises before they become a cause for concern is by having a seasonal roof check. We at First Call Construction have years of experience conducting inspections, providing helpful advice, and implementing residential roof repair on both the large and small scales. We are happy to inspect your roof, inside and out, and provide fair estimates for any and all suggested actions.

What Seasons Bring

Gutters should be cleaned twice a year. We know that this is often the last task on any homeowner’s mind, but when they become clogged, problems arise. For example, water damage to the soffit and the roofing structure can occur if proper drainage can’t happen due to leaves and debris in the downspout. Another issue with the accumulation of leaf litter and dirt is weight. A clogged gutter is a heavy one, and the brackets holding it to the roof can tear away, damaging the roofing structure. Another point to watch out for is airborne debris. Most Utah County roofing contractors will expect minor roof repair for breaches in the shingle or tile barrier after prolonged periods of high winds, precipitation that is especially heavy or packs a punch, such a hail, and during the hot, dry part of the summer. These minor damages can also occur during the freeze-thaw cycles, cold snaps, and false springs. If you’re in need of a roof inspection, but aren’t certain which of the Salt Lake City roofing contractors will meet your roof repair needs, consider First Call Construction. We’ve proudly helped the communities of Salt Lake and Utah County to maintain safe, beautiful homes from rooftop to foundation. Call us today at (801) 830-4642 for a consultation and free quote. Whatever your residential roofing repair need, we are proud to be of service.

Roofing Repair – From the Roots Up

Residential roof repair is one of the most talked about home projects in many regions. After all, it protects the rest of the structure beneath it. As a team of experienced Salt Lake City roofing contractors, we’re inclined to agree with that sentiment. However, there’s more to First Call Construction than roof repair or replacement. Today, we’ll talk about a space at the other end of the residential space—the basement.

The Roots of Home

While as roofing contractors we'll agree that residential roof repair is a crucial aspect of our business, First Call Construction has more to offer. As Utah County Roofing Contractors, we are fully qualified and experienced with all types of repair needs for the structure of your roof, and ready to assist. But did you know we also offer quality repair and refurbishment for interior spaces? There are many homes in the area with basement levels. While some of these are finished as living spaces, others remain as a sort of glorified storage unit.

Occupied Territory

Finishing the basement could add value to a property in ways both expected and surprising. While it can’t be argued that adding living space to the usable square footage of a home is a bonus that has tangible, immediate benefits, what about other ways in which it helps? First, there’s the odd phenomenon of lived-in space. A finished, used area is more straightforward to regulate in terms of temperature, which can change the entire atmosphere of a home. Proper insulation and up-to-code wiring and plumbing are points in its favor as well. But occupied, comfortable basement areas also help mitigate any leaks or wiring issues before they become serious simply because there’s someone there to notice. Pests are less likely to infiltrate the basement if it’s maintained as part of the home rather than a storage area. Living space is more likely to be appropriately climate controlled and receive regular cleaning. The simple act of humans being in the space can often be enough deterrent for the more intelligent sorts of critters that like to make their homes in corners and walls of undisturbed, unfinished basements. At First Call Construction, we pride ourselves on being a part of the communities we serve. We aren’t merely a team of Salt Lake City roofing contractors. We’ve assisted many families with home renovation projects from the shingles to the foundation of their properties. Our business involves more than roof repair. If you’re ready to consider a remodel, such as finishing or refurbishing your home’s basement level, call us today at (801) 830-4642 for a free quote.

Roofing – Locking Heat Transfer

June, July, and August offer some intense heat to this region of Utah, which means many homeowners will turn to the refreshing comfort of air conditioning. To save on energy costs, proper insulation, and a roof in good shape are vital considerations. Preemptive minor roof repair can also save money for property owners and help maintain the fabric of the roof for its entire lifetime. First Call Construction is proud to offer our services as Salt Lake City roofing contractors. We also work with communities as Utah County roofing contractors, providing our expertise to those living beyond the city environs. Today, we’ll discuss some of the residential roof repair options and steps homeowners can take to maximize their energy efficiency this summer.

The Way Heat Travels

The first point we’ll cover isn’t technically a roof repair, but it is something essential to consider.
  • How’s your insulation R-value?
  • Does your home meet or exceed the codes for your area?
  • Do you have adequate and efficient insulation in the spaces beneath the roofing structure?
Roofing contractors will often advise you to exceed the stated minimum in order to ensure your home is adequately insulated. This is because heat travels in two ways, and accumulation under the roof can be damaging, especially during summer months. The first type of heat transmission is one with which most people are familiar. Convection, or heat transfer via air and void space, is one reason to insulate between walls and between the crawl spaces and living areas of the home. In this way, hot or excited air particles travel from a warm space into colder, calmer areas, thus transferring heat energy. Convention is the second type of heat transfer. While you may notice windows and poorly insulated walls grow noticeably warmer to the touch, where much of this type of transfer occurs is through the roofing structure itself.

How We Can Help

As roofing contractors, we can assess how much heat transfer is occurring and offer expert opinions on the best types of insulation to mitigate it. Blanket insulation, the kind most familiar to many, isn’t always the best choice. Sometimes, alternative sources can provide the most focused relief. Residential roof repair may be in order if your roofing structure shows signs of seasonal damage or rodent activity. As roofing experts serving both the Salt Lake City area and the broader domain of Utah County, First Call Construction is proud to offer affordable roofing repairs and maintenance tactics for many in our community. If you’re ready to have your roof checked and ensure you’ve appropriately insulated your home, don’t hesitate to call us at (801) 830-4642 for a free quote.

Upgrading Underrated Space

Most homeowners know that small roof repair projects will extend the life of the roofing structure itself. Having a reputable team of roofing contractors with which to work will save money over time, and keep both the roof and the home beneath it in top shape. But unlike most Utah County roofing contractors, First Call Construction can also assist with indoor remodeling and finishing projects. That’s what we’d like to discuss today.

Out of Sight

Our teams of roofing contractors are experienced providers of residential roof repair. However, once the roof is taken care of, we also offer finishing services for any room in the home. As the year moves forward, many homeowners want to move ahead with remodeling projects, but may not know where to start. The basement space in many homes is a great place to begin any home renovation. In many houses, this area is treated as a glorified utility closet or storage shed because it is unfinished. It feels cold and unwelcoming. Our expert Salt Lake City roofing contractors want to help change that perception. Basement living space can provide hundreds of square feet of extra entertainment area for kids, a bar or workout space for grown-ups, and even a guest suite for unexpected family and friends from out of town.

From Studs to Stellar

An unfinished basement is one that often has no drywall laid over timber wall frames. The masonry and unsealed concrete of the floor breathe cold into the air, even on the hottest summer day. It’s simply not a space anyone wants to spend any time. However, this is the best possible starting point from which our craftspeople can work wonders. They don’t have to undo anything. Our priority is safety, with quality tying for first place. All of our Salt Lake City roofing contractors will conduct a safety assessment, to ensure that electrical wiring and plumbing are well placed and up to code. Once this is established, they will quickly transform the basement into a beautiful, habitable part of the home sphere. Our design teams will work with you to ensure that color scheme and materials meet your criteria. If you’re in need of residential roof repair or a routine inspection, but also want to spruce up the interior of your home, give us a call at (801) 830-4642 for your free quote. All of us at First Call Construction are proud to provide the communities of Salt Lake and Utah Counties with premier roof repair services and renovation. We are at your service.

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Spring Roofing Check Ups

Spring has sprung, but for homeowners in Utah, it isn’t just a season of returning warmth. This is also a time when minor damage to roofing structures can have expanding consequences if it isn’t promptly repaired. Roofing contractors in any state will advise seasonal checkups for these small trouble spots, which when caught early, represent simple roof repair instead of significant renovation. In today’s article, we at First Call Construction will explore these easy fixes as well as potential projects for unchecked water damage.

Double and Triple Check

While many homeowners in the region ensure that Salt Lake City roofing contractors inspect their homes before the first snows of winter and conduct autumn gutter cleaning, spring brings its challenges. Harsh conditions of weather and climate frequently require residential roof repair once the temperature rises. Typically, roofing contractors will run a routine check on the exterior integrity of the roof surface material. Whether homeowners have a structure with tile or shingling, essentially this inspection makes certain no portions are damaged, uplifted, cracked or breached in any fashion. This material is the first line of defense against moisture and damage to the fabric of the building. Maintaining it throughout its lifespan is vital.    

Mitigating Infiltration

Roof repairs need not be specifically related to the surface material. It can also include maintaining the soffits, ensuring that gutters are securely attached and have not pulled away from the structure, and maintaining adequate or superior insulation beneath the roofing itself. However, Utah county roofing contractors are always on the lookout for signs of water infiltration during this time.  This can create dangerous circumstances for homeowners. The first should require no explanation. Electrical circuits run between walls, which often serve as expedient paths for water seeking sea level. Second, if the current homeowners are not the first to live under the roof, previous water damage can breed mold spores. While not all are dangerous to humans, inhaling the types of mold that thrive between walls and in insulation certainly isn’t beneficial.  If our Salt Lake City roofing contractors detect signs that water may have flowed down along the structural supports at any time in the past, we’ll advise our clients. Our expert teams are trained in the renovation of interior spaces, so we can also assist in this matter.
We are proud to provide the communities of Salt Lake and Utah Counties with residential roof repair. We also assist commercial properties in these communities with roof repair, and our Utah County roofing contractors are ready to meet community needs at home or work. If you’re ready to start your spring routine, call us at (801) 830-4642 for your free quote today.

Spring Roofing Checklists

Spring is just around the corner in Utah, and while there’s no shortage of roofing contractors, finding the right one for your needs can be something of a challenge. Whether you need residential roof repair or merely want a team of reliable Salt Lake City roofing contractors to assess the fitness of your structure, we at First Call Construction are here to help.

Seasonal Checklists

Shake RoofWhen it comes to roof repair, Utah County roofing contractors advise seasonal checkups to prevent small problems from growing. Many homeowners might not be aware of the types of issues we check for, especially as the year moves steadily toward spring. Over the winter, a number of problems can develop without the knowledge of residents, and once the weather warms, they can lead to more intense damage. Ice dams can and do develop even in newer houses, and once the warmth of the sun returns, that ice melts. Because water will always follow where gravity leads, the resulting melt-water can penetrate walls. As Salt Lake City roofing contractors and experts in home renovation, we know that this can be dangerous. Not only will it support the growth of potentially hazardous mold spores in between wall surfaces, but it can also damage electrical wiring and lead to a fire risk. Wildlife incursions and wind or precipitation damage are two other factors that we look for when conducting an inspection. While these issues can be relatively minor, leaving them off a roof repair checklist can result in escalating damage over time. It’s vital that homeowners work with Utah County roofing contractors before that point, so residential roof repair doesn’t become roof replacement.

What We Do

Checking RoofWhile we do offer our expert services for home renovation projects from basement finishing to room upgrades, a significant portion of our collective experience comes from our work as roofing contractors. First Call Construction has worked hard to build a reputation for integrity and excellence in the Salt Lake and Utah County communities. Although roofing materials will eventually wear out and require replacement, repairing the damage that occurs within the ordinary lifespan of the structure can maximize that term. Our expert teams at First Call Construction will conduct a seasonal checkup to ensure that there are no severe breeches or issues related to your roof’s integrity. If you’re ready to schedule a routine visit with one of our specialists, or you suspect there may be damage lurking under the eaves, don’t delay. Call us today at (801) 830-4642 for a complimentary quote.

Staying on Top of Roofing Repair with First Call Construction

Climate phenomena such as the polar vortex often bring weather conditions that can be difficult on the fabric of roofs. For homeowners looking for primary residential roof repair or roofing contractors to conduct more complex jobs to maintain the structural integrity of their houses, the task can seem daunting. Where does one begin? How do you know if you need roof repair? What are some of the signs that damage has occurred or is occurring to the roofing structure itself? First Call Construction is here to help.

The First Step in Roof Repair

Most Utah County roofing contractors would agree that regular assessments are a good step in preventing costly damage to a roof. After all, the region we live in can throw some severe weather at dwellings, and it’s always best to be aware of how it impacts them. One thing that we, as Salt Lake City roofing contractors, would also stress is that these regular inspections help to catch small problems before they have a chance to grow into big ones.

Examples of Issues and Challenges

Some of the most common problems that roofing contractors anywhere encounter are damage to shingles or tiles, clogged gutters that have pulled away from the house and damaged the structure, and the impromptu entrances that wildlife tend to make. However, in addition to these common issues, Salt Lake City roofing contractors are often called to repair some novel issues. Ice dams form in attic spaces when moisture is improperly vented from beneath the eaves. While it is invisible for most of the year, this moist air begins to freeze when outside temperatures drop. Even during the day in winter, the solar energy absorbed by the exterior roofing tiles or shingles is not sufficient to melt this ice, and it accretes. When spring warmth returns, the ice dams melt, and the water drains along any pathway it can find—through insulation, along spaces left for pipes and electrical wiring. Over time, these ice dams also cause indirect stress to roofing materials. The overall structure of the roof is weakened by moisture and hence more susceptible to damage from wind, frozen or overflowing gutters, and even incursions by the local fauna. First Call Construction is a locally owned and operated company of Salt Lake and Utah County roofing contractors. Our experts have seen just about all there is to see when it comes to residential roof repair, and we are proud to be a part of each community. If you’re in need of roofing replacement or damage repair, don’t hesitate to call us at (801) 830-4642 for your free quote.

New Year’s Roofing Resolutions

New Year’s celebrations have come and gone. The fireworks and parties have been enjoyed and tidied away. For many, 2019 brings resolutions, and homeowners in Utah may have a few improvement goals for their dwellings. Roofing repair is one of those tasks. Maintaining a sound, adequately ventilated roofing structure can save money and time in the long run. Today, we’ll explore what winter brings that can impact the lifespan of that structure and why timely inspection can help property owners anticipate more significant problems.

Catching Small Problems

Just as with any aspect of home improvement and maintenance, it’s important to be vigilant and troubleshoot before small problems grow into large ones. Utah homeowners may or may not be experienced with the weather our climate brings throughout the season. Snow and ice pose significant challenges, especially when driven by wind. Our autumn and winter weather cycles can damage roof tiles or shingles, creating small openings for moisture infiltration. But there are some other sources of trouble that call for roofing repair in Utah. The most vital thing to remember is that these issues generally begin as small, easily fixed problems, but can quickly grow unmanageable. Winter is the perfect time to catch such troubles.

Uninvited Guests and Moisture Build-Up

Houses provide a great winter hideaway for several types of urban and suburban wildlife. While many have no qualms with the existence of these little critters—usually furry or feathered and cute—they really shouldn’t be bivouacking under the rafters. They also almost never have the courtesy to enter through a pre-existing door, which means they make their own entrances in the roofing structure. Although you will want to call a wildlife removal specialist to escort these house guests elsewhere, the experts at First Call Construction can find and repair any damage they may have done.

Rain on Roof

Another issue that is easy to spot during the coldest time of the year is moisture buildup. This can result from inadequate ventilation in the roof for the humidity created during daily tasks—cooking, bathing, and breathing. As hot, moist air rises, it gets trapped under the roof. During winter, extreme temperature changes that necessarily occur cause that moisture to condense and freeze. Over the season, ice dams can develop, which thaw in the spring. True to the nature of water, it finds a way downward, often through the walls of the home. The time to mitigate them is while the water is still trapped as ice. First Call Construction is proud to provide affordable and quality roofing repair services to our communities in Salt Lake and Utah counties. If you’re in need of repair or wish to practice roofing due diligence and ensure your home is snug and sound, call us today at (801) 830-4642 for a free quote.