Summer Roof Maintenance Tips

Now that the spring season has officially come to an end and we are entering the peak of our summer season, let’s go over some basic maintenance that all homeowners in Utah County can add to their routines. Maintenance on your roof is important year round, but there are specific measures homeowners can take in the summer months to increase roof safety. Here we will go over some steps you can take independently to look after your roof.

Manage Overgrown Trees

The trees surrounding your property often get overlooked when considering roof maintenance. Summer is the perfect season to evaluate potential tree limb damage. Any new growth that has happened during the previous seasons and years should be considered a potential threat to your property. Dead or damaged tree limbs should be removed immediately to avoid any future damage.

Clean Your Gutters

It is possible a lot of debris has accumulated in your gutters. Gutters are an essential part in roof health as they allow water to efficiently drain off the property. Loose, damaged, rusted, or blocked gutters should be fixed right away.

Remove Pest Nests

All year long, damage can occur to your roof edges leaving gaps that pests could get into. Small animals such as rodents, opossums, and even raccoons love to take advantage of these gaps to get into your attic and nest. With hot summer months in Utah, these pests will be looking for shelter. Homeowners should inspect their roofs for such gaps and call your Utah County roofers if said gaps are present. Pests could lead to further damage or even the introduction of disease to your family home.

Clear Debris

A simple maintenance step for homeowners is to simply clear off any debris on your roof. All year long, debris accumulates on the roof. Now that the weather is warm and clear, it would be a good time to clear your roof and check for damage as you do. If debris is left on your roof, it can lead to issues such as shingle rot and water damage. To clear the debris, use either a leaf blower or broom. Be careful to control the debris and not damage your roof shingles in this process.

Check for Mold

Now that your roof is clear, it is time to inspect it for mold. Check for mold on the outer shingles after the debris has been cleared off. Mold can also be checked for inside and is usually an indicator of water damage. If there are signs of mold, it is important to address the issue quickly so that more damage doesn’t occur.

This outline for summer roof maintenance is perfect for any homeowner to ensure their roof is in good condition. Some of the jobs listed in this article may require help from professionals. If you spot signs of damage or have any additional questions about your roof, contact First Call Construction at (801) 830-4642 to chat with Utah County’s expert roofing contractors!